Essential Items For Your Bug-Out Bag

September 15, 2020 3 min read

Essential Items For Your Bug-Out Bag

Although the prepper economy has been growing for many years, many considered it to be a fringe movement with unrealistic fears about how bad things could get. But after living through 2020 for nine months, the idea of preparing for the worst makes a lot more sense. And one of the simplest, most useful items that can be added to anyone's inventory of emergency preparedness items is a bug-out bag. 

What is a bug-out bag? It's a bag that you can grab immediately and carries enough supplies to last you 72 hours in almost any situation. While there is no definitive list of items, most agree that First Aid, water, food, and items to create a shelter should be on any list. We at GoSun also think that the GoSun Go, our smallest, most portable solar food cooker would make a great addition.

Remember - portability is the name of the game here. Most people think they can lug a 50-pound bag forever, but they wrongly assume they have the strength and endurance of a Marine. Such a huge bag isn't viable if you have to hike 10 miles or walk through a river. Keep it small and simple.  Some studiesthat focus on optimal pack weigh reinforce those rules. A study of hikers on the Appalachian Trail found that the ideal weight was 30 lbs or 20 percent of the hiker's body weight. Another study in the military found an optimal load of 30 percent, but that was for fit soldiers who had spent months carrying heavy sacks in miserable climates.   Below are listed three different kits based on your ability to lug weight for hours. (hat tip to for compiling this information)
Level 1: < 20 lbs Level 2: < 35 lbs Level 3: < 45 lbs
First aid kit – Level 1 First aid kit – Level 2 First aid kit – Level 3
27-32 oz potable water stored in a hard canteen Food that needs boiling water Ferro rod fire starter and striker
Collapsible canteen / vessel Stormproof matches x 20 Extra AA/AAA/etc batteries
Water filter Portable stove for boiling water Battery charger
Water purification tablets x 30 Pot / dedicated boiling vessel Tent
Food that’s ready to eat GoSun Flatware Extra full magazine
Lighter x 2 Second flashlight / lantern Hand sanitizer
Tinder Sleeping bag / bivy Signal mirror
Headlamp Sleeping pad Whistle
Field knife Sleeping mask and earplugs Hand saw
Multitool Wet wipes Blade sharpener
Cordage x 50′ Travel toothbrush and toothpaste Second pair of socks
Tarp Chapstick Duct tape (flat travel roll)
Waterproof paper and pen Sunglasses Field guide book
Documents (USB and paper) Goggles Misc fasteners / carabiners / ranger bands / etc
Cash Gloves
Condensed camp soap Belt
Toilet paper Pistol / holster / full mag
Nail clippers Maps
Hat Compass
Socks GoSun SolarPanel 30
Underwear Waterproof deck of cards / small mental health item
Pants Headphones
Top base layer Pack straps for lashing tents / pads / bags to outside
Jacket / outer shell
Shemagh / bandana / gaiter
One- or two-way radio
USB charging cable and wall plug
GoSun Powerbank+
Respirator (and filters if needed)
Storage bags / Ziplocs
Contractor trash bags x 2
Cell phone 


There you go - we think these items will help you to survive the worst. And again, if you want to be able to cook hot food wherever you are, take a look at the GoSun Go - our smallest, most portable solar cooker that will let you cook amazing food in any situation.

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