Everyone Loves the Brew: GoSun's New Portable Coffee Maker

Everyone Loves the Brew: GoSun's New Portable Coffee Maker

GoSun, which has invented everything from incredible solar stoves to off-grid fridges to entire solar kitchens -- believes that solar energy and battery technology can make almost any appliance better. To prove it, GoSun has created the Brew, the best portable coffee maker on the market.

The GoSun Brew is an all-in-one coffee pot that combines a 130-Watt heater, integrated French Press, drink-thru opening and leak-proof lid, all in one cup. This doubled insulated mug will keep your coffee hot for hours, 

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Others agree. Check out these reviews, which echo our belief that the Brew is the best portable coffee pot you can find.  

Here's what CNET says:

The Brew is insulated like any travel mug, but includes a 12-volt heater and built-in French press, making it good for coffee- or tea-brewing while off the grid. The idea is that you can boil water, and thus drink coffee, while camping, without needing to build a fire. Whether you're unable to make a fire because of unfavorable weather or a current campfire ban, the GoSun allows you to stay caffeinated.

Here's Sprudge's review:

Created by GoSun—the makers of pretty much solar-powered everything from ovens to coolers, lights to chargers, even a solar-powered water purifier—the brand new GoSun Brew might just be one of the most compact, all-in-one portable brew devices to come out in a while. Yes, I am aware you don’t need power to make a French press, but where’s that hot water gonna come from, huh hotshot? 

The Portable Coffee Maker That Gives You The Power to Make Coffee in the Palm of Your Hand

The GoSun Brew is the ultimate off-grid portable coffee maker for people on the go.

Gas station coffee doesn't cut it and setting up a cook stove requires a bunch of parts, time, and planning. But with the GoSun Brew, all you need is coffee grinds, water and a 12 volt outlet - found in every car, truck, boat or RV or GoSun Powerbank. 

There’s so much to love about GoSun Brew. Here are some other reasons why this portable coffee maker will soon become your best friend.

  • Holds 12oz, plenty to last all morning
  • Fits in car cup holder within easy reach of your 12V outlet
  • Keeps drinks hot for hours
  • Easy to clean stainless steel Mug is safe to hand was
  • BPA free Lid is safe in dishwasher.


A Portable Coffee Maker That Can't Start Fires  

Brewing coffee or tea while traveling or camping, or during a power outage, is nearly impossible without burning something. Unfortunately, fire bans (including stoves and BBQ) are increasing because fire threats are elevated. Fire is dangerous and highly destructive. GoSun Brew, in contrast, enables you to get a good cup of hot coffee, no matter what.

There are a million ways to make a cup of coffee, but GoSun Brew is by far the most simple and mobile.  Just add coffee grounds or loose tea and water, Brew will do the rest. Here are all the things you don’t need with the Brew that you do need with a normal coffee maker for camping:  stove (gas, lighter, fire, etc.), kettle or pot, grid power, separate french press or filters, and cups.

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