Fast Sterilization Methods: GoSun's UV-C Light Box

Fast Sterilization Methods: GoSun's UV-C Light Box

One of the most important ways to fight COVID is to make use of fast sterilization methods that kill viruses and other harmful microbes. And one of the fastest and best ways to sterilize your environment is with UV sterilization.

UV sterilization is a fast-growing and invaluable option for prevent infections. It is easier and more thorough than liquid-based cleaners. That's because UV sterilization is effective in killing infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi but is as simple to do as turning on a button.

In this article we'll look at different types of fast sterilization methods. Our recommendation is the GoSun Light Box, which we'll get into more further down the article.

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Wand Sanitizers

One of the most common UV sanitizers found online are cheap wand sanitizers, typically found on Amazon. There are different types of varying levels of quality, but they general make the following claims. 

 Will clean your room, office, phone, tiny toys and almost everything in no time (kills 95-99% of germs in just 20 seconds)

 Is light and portable but will keep you and your family healthy and protected from germs.

 Allows you to avoid the usage of chemical base traditional fluids on body and objects. It's ultraviolet light that is non-toxic and harmless.

However, what such wands don't mention is that most are not FDA approved and fall far, far short of their claims of effectiveness. Here's one example of a review of a low-quality UV wand on Amazon:

I did a simple test on uv sensitive beads that changes colors when exposed to uv light and with this light beads did not change color. Tried several times on different uv sensitive material that works in sunlight but not with this light. This seems to be a take light. I tried contacting seeker for a refund they did not respond back. Do not buy this; it's not approved by FDA either.


The Best Fast Sterilization Method: GoSun's Light Box


The Light Box is the one of the fastest sterilization methods to make your living space totally hygienic. While other devices claim to kill 99% of microbes, but few of them work as advertised. Amazon has UV wands that claim to disinfect rooms in minutes, but many of these products barely work or won't even turn on, to say nothing about the danger they can pose to skin or eyes.  

The Light Box, in contrast, is portable, weighing in at only 13 ounces and taking up less space than a shoebox (8.5''x2.5''x4.75''). 

With the Light Box, you can fully sanitize items in 15 minutes, killing 99% of viruses and bacteria with sunlight in a box. UV-C light is short wavelength ultraviolet and destroys both nucleic acids and DNA in microorganisms. Easily sanitize your smartphones, mask jewelry, watch, keys, wallet, credit cards, or GoSun Flatware. 

Here are it's primary features:

  - Sanitize small items without chemicals or sprays

  - Wireless charging

  - Aromatherapy via integrated essential oil diffuser.

Here's how the Light Box works:




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