Go From Camping to Glamping With These Products

Go From Camping to Glamping With These Products


Camping is the perfect way to escape the modern world and all the stress that comes with hyper-connectivity. But what if you want the serenity of the outdoors without the lack of create comforts that you face in the elements. After all, not everybody loves cold temperatures, sleeping on hard ground, or starting a fire in the rain to cook your breakfast. 

That's where glamping comes in. It's camping in a glammed-up way. To give you a clear idea of what this is, check out Tom Haverford's setup from an episode of Parks and Recreation:



While we don't recommend bringing your flat screen TV to a campsite (what kind of gas generator would it even take to power that thing), you can camp in a surprisingly comfortable way with just a few hand off-grid devices. GoSun has spent years developing a suite of solar-powered appliances that make cooking, cooling, lighting, and living as easy as possible off the grid.

Check out our products below to see how easy it is to turn your campsite into a glampsite. 


GoSun Solar Lamp 50

This 50-lumen light stays lit for up to six hours after getting a full day's worth of sunshine. You can use if for anything -- reading to cooking to keeping the campsite fully illuminated. it won't be hard to keep your world bright with all those lumens at your disposal.

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GoSun Solar Table 60

The tempered glass surface absorbs the sun's ray, making this 60W collapsible solar table serve up all your energy needs by holding your serving plates while powering your electronic devices. Pus it provides shade cover for anything that you want to be keep cool, such as your Chill.

With a light frame that easily folds up, the table can charge laptops, tablets, cameras, phones, and lights – or even power your GoSun Chill (see below) or Fusion.

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GoSun Chill

Keep all your food and drinks cold and organized with this solar-powered cooler. The Chill packs more food and drink than others of the same size because it requires no ice, giving you up to twice the storage space of other coolers. It has its own Powerbank, so you can charge any USB-powered device as well.  

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GoSun Go - Portable Solar Oven

Meet our most portable solar cooker. When it's time to cook, the GoSun Go has what you need. Although it only weighs two pounds, this versatile and durable solar oven can bake, roast, steam or boil just about anything. Even through cloudy skies, the Go converts approximately 80 percent of the sun's rays to heat, raising the oven temperature up to 550 degrees. Most meals can be cooked in 30 minutes or less on the Go, making it a solar cooker that really punches above its weight.

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GoSun Solar-Powered Kitchen

This is the complete camping setup. It includes the Fusion Solar Oven, the Chill Solar Cooler, the Solar Table and the GoSun Powerbank for charging it all, all together. This is a full kitchen right here that requires absolutely no grid energy whatsoever. It is truly the best carbon-neutral kitchen on the market. 

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GoSun Wallet-Sized Flatware

Meet GoSun Flatware, one of our smallest, handiest products. The average American throws away more than 300 plastic utensils every year. Flatware solves this problem by being a foldable piece of stainless steel cutlery that fits in your wallet, purse, or pocket. A fork or spoon is always there for you, and it never needs to be thrown away.   

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