GoSun Becomes a Certified Climate Neutral Partner Company

GoSun Becomes a Certified Climate Neutral Partner Company

GoSun has long been a supporter of companies that help offset climate change. Over the years, we’ve helped plant over 55,000 trees with efforts such as Trees for the Future, and we are committed to doing our part to become carbon neutral.


What is Carbon Neutral?

According to the UN, climate neutrality means that you bring your emissions down to zero and/or invest in emission reductions outside the organization, known as offsets. Although many companies, including some of the largest, have pledged to go carbon neutral over the next 30 years, GoSun believes that the time to act is now. 

Not only do we make some of the most energy efficient and non polluting products that help reduce your carbon footprint, we decided it was time to join other leading companies and offset our carbon footprint completely and immediately.

GoSun is now a certified Climate Partner Company

As part of this initiative GoSun has offset its footprint while also providing transparent disclosure of our company’s entire climate action strategy. This strategy involves reducing our carbon footprint, emissions reduction targets, and a financial contribution towards climate projects worldwide. 

The entire calculated emissions that GoSun produces are now being compensated by Climate Project + Ocean Protection certified projects. In 2022, GoSun offset over 80,000 kg of CO2 gasses and plans to reduce that number in 2023. 

Future of Transportation 

We’ve all seen our roadways beginning to transition to electric vehicles. In fact, every major vehicle manufacturer is now offering electric cars and trucks.  Consumers are switching to these zero emission vehicles, however the marine industry is lagging behind. 

Boats are also a major contributor to carbon gasses and climate change.  Ships and recreational boats in the US produce 40.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent gasses per year. GoSun’s leadership team knows we can do much better and so, we are taking action.  

GoSun now offers solar powered electric boats that are some of the most versatile and energy efficient in the world. They incorporate the latest technology in inflatable drop-stitch construction and electric propulsion so they are lightweight, low-drag, and easy to transport or store. 

Thanks for your interest in the Fuel-Free Frontier. If you want to help do your part, consider replacing your current outdoor appliances with a GoSun solar powered one, plant trees, or go electric.
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