GoSun Grill VS GoSun Grill Turbo

GoSun Grill VS GoSun Grill Turbo

The GoSun Grill is one of our most beloved and elegant solar cookers. It's won awards, it's cooked thousands of meals and it can feed your entire family. We're excited to share that after years of maintaining it's epic cooking ability, it is taking a significant step towards speedier cooking. 

A Faster Grill + Integrated Turbo Kit

After much thought, research, and development we created the Turbo Kit for the GoSun Grill. In simple terms, it strips out a few minor grill pieces and replaces them, allowing for a hefty increase in cooking speed. We've seen up to a 40% increase in speed!

We wanted to share a little cooking comparison activity we did below so you can see how the difference pans out (No pun intended). We understand that different foods may react in different ways to the new change. But this is a good front facing example of how the two different grills cook uniquely.

Oh, and did we mention, ALL NEW GRILLS will be coming with the Turbo Kit pre-installed. This means faster cooking times for all receiving the grill in our coming soon shipment. 

So Now To The Grill Test Off

We decided to test two types of food in this situation. The first was a berry bread mixture and the second was sliced potatoes. These would both be a good representation of the cooking difference. 

We took both grills into a fairly sunny area, aligned them in the same way, cleaned the reflectors and started cooking. Our cook time came to 1 hour and 15 minutes and during that time we experienced heavy cloud cover during 20-30 minutes of the cook. The rest of the time we had excellent sun condition. 

We checked on the goods a few times during the cooking process in order to follow along with the cooking progress.

The Grill Comparison Results 

The following photos are good indicators of the difference between the GoSun Grill and the GoSun Grill Turbo. 

Difference In Berry Bread Cook Look

In the first photo, we see the berry bread difference. The berry bread had cooked 1 hour in the excellent sun and the pan on the left is the Grill WITH the Turbo Kit installed and the pan on the right is WITHOUT the Turbo Kit installed. You can see visually the doneness of the bread on the left was a healthy bit ahead of the bread on the Right. 

Difference In Internal Grill Temperature

In the second photo, we see the actual internal temperature difference of the Grills. The Green line is the grill WITH the Turbo Kit installed and the Blue line is WITHOUT the Turbo Kit Installed. The spot where you see the blue line dip is when we attached the indicators inside the two different units. The numbers are in Fahrenheit. 


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