GoSun Solar Product Revenues Jump on Amazon

GoSun Solar Product Revenues Jump on Amazon

'Tis the Season for High Volume

Nope, we're not talking about the growing waistline that the Holidays tend to deliver. Despite the fact that we sell outdoor appliances, the end of November and much December are always busy for GoSun. Again this year, Black Friday was another huge boost to the bottom line and our warehouse team is working around the clock to dig out of a backlog of orders.



Amazon Sales Reach Over $500K In 2022

Ever heard of Amazon.com?? Just kidding, we all know the behemoth (and we all use their platform, too). Well in 2022 GoSun increased efforts to related to our Amazon presence and it has begun to pay off. Throughout the process, GoSun has maintained a careful strategy to control both our I.P., pricing, and international exposure.


Top Highlights from GoSun on Amazon in 2022:

  • Over $500K in Sales
  • Setup Global Listings in Mexico, Canada, EU, Australia, etc
  • Over 3,000 Units Ordered
  • 4.5 Star Reviews on Top Selling Solar Stove
  • Australian store setup in time for summer season (Australia is GoSun's fourth highest traffic per country)


Yahoo! Finance Article

"GoSun is an innovative startup positioning itself as your go-to, one-stop shop for off-the-grid living. From solar ovens that can cook food without electricity to self-sustaining RVs and trailers, the company has it all. As the startup ramps up, it’s sitting at nearly $6 million in revenue, making it obvious why it has raised over $2 million and is one of the most popular startups on StartEngine."


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