GoSun's Next Steps: Water Purification, Shelters, and Much More

GoSun's Next Steps: Water Purification, Shelters, and Much More


GoSun has worked tirelessly to develop off-grid solutions for everything from cooking and cooling to phone charging and lighting. But we're only getting started. Want to know what new products GoSun will be rolling out? 

Patrick Sherwin appeared on the PSDcast to discuss the development of products for water purification, tiny houses, and even a disaster response vehicle.

By the way – one of the best solar water purifiers you can find on the market is the GoSun Flow.

It's the world's first portable solar-powered purifier that produces enough clean water to wash dishes or even take a shower yet is small enough to fit in a backpack.

Here's an edited excerpt from the episode. 

We're seeing solar's disruptive power. In these next couple of decades, we'll see explosive growth where solar is found everywhere. If you look at disruptive technological introductions throughout the century you see quick upticks -- like when the washing machine that was first introduced, it took about 10 years to fix the kinks. Once the early adopters bought it, it exploded in popularity. 

Click here to listen to the podcast interview. 

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