Hawaii Devastated by Fire

Hawaii Devastated by Fire

Massive deadly Hawaii fires affect latter day saints and neighbors.

Our hearts hurt whenever disasters strike, and these days due to Climate Change, it can hurt even paradise.

 Climate Change is fueling Maui's devastating fires.

GoSun was created to provide affordable, portable products that could provide solutions for everyday recreation and resilience. And yes, help people get off of climate change producing gasses caused by burning fossil fuels.

GoSun encourages all to join us in becoming carbon neutral.

GoSun wants to do what it can to help Hawaii. GoSun has made a donation to the Salvation Army of Maui and to the American Red Cross

For the rest of the month of August, GoSun will donate a  portion of all our sales to help those in Hawaii.

GoSun will provide FREE air shipping to anyone in Hawaii.

Any non-profit organization or individual in need in Hawaii, can contact GoSun at support@gosun.co for additional assistance on their product purchase.

Our thoughts and support are with those affected.

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