How GoSun Uses Equity Crowdfunding for Growth Capital

How GoSun Uses Equity Crowdfunding for Growth Capital

GoSun has seen incredible growth in the last few years, selling thousands of solar cookers, coolers, and lights (it hit $1.8 million in revenue in 2018 and keeps going up). But in order to reach its goal of growing the usage of zero-carbon cooking around the world by an order of magnitude, it wants to do more. That's when it got the idea to combine solar with crowdfunding.

Environmentally-conscious consumers can now help support the work of GoSun with minimum investment on a campaign with the crowdfunding site Start Engine campaign. GoSun represents a unique Investment option that combats climate change in a cleantech startup. So far, the company has received over $500,000 from 573 investors. The minimum investment amount is low enough to allow almost anyone to participate. 

This unique approach to raising capital got the attention of Devin Thorpe, a contributor with Forbes. Here's what he says about GoSun's growth potential.

GoSun hopes to play a role in not only powering but also providing the low power/no power devices that can allow people to improve their quality of life without requiring the use of fossil fuels or deforestation.
GoSun is a niche player in four huge markets, $36 billion camping and RVs, $1.5 billion backyard barbecues, $23 billion emergency relief and $35 billion solar energy. Having already sold 35,000 units of various products, proof of concept seems to be achieved. The question remains, can it scale to provide a return on investment and make a real impact on climate change.


GoSun wants to impact climate change by adapting its technology to fit a growing number of tiny homes and make its cooking and cooling technology a central part of off-grid living. It also wants to make water purification technology that would be a part of its tiny home package. 

In the year to come, GoSun will add lower-priced products to those customers who live in developing countries. It will meet the needs of that customer base using the same technology and the same expertise. 

If you are interested in being a part of this innovation journey, check us out on Start Engine.