How The Solar Lamp 50 Brightens Your Day (And Night)

How The Solar Lamp 50 Brightens Your Day (And Night)

Outdoor lights usually suffer from two problems. First, they might be too bright. Sure, your fog light with its 500 lumens makes your house visible from a mile away, but reading next to one is like sitting near a lighthouse. Second, they might be too dim. This is particular true of solar lights, which are often woefully underpower. 

That's why GoSuns is so proud of the Solar Lamp 50. It is a portable light that produces an incredible amount of luminosity. You can pack it with your camping gear or have it serve as a living room light. If you want softer light, set it at 20 lumens. For brighter light, switch it to 50 (hence the name). 

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To set up the Solar Lamp 50, you need to point the solar panel right at the Sun, or at least up toward the sky on a sunny day. The battery can be fully charged after a day's exposure to bright light. 

Here are some more detail specs of the Solar Light 50:

  • 6 oz weight
  • 4.3” diameter
  • 2.3” thick
  • 4.6” bracket end to end
  • 2 LEDs producing soft white light at 20 lumen or 50 lumen switchable
  • 500 mAh solar rechargeable battery 
  • Closed case with no ports or openings
  • Rubber push button

Here's what the Gadgeteer has to say about the Solar Light 50:

At 20 lumens setting the light will truly provide over 6 hours of light.  I tested a fully charged light on the low setting in a dark room that would not allow for ambient light to charge the device.  [It] was still producing usable light at 8.5 hours.  I could not comfortably look directly at the LEDs at the 7 hour point.  Is it ‘bright’ light in a dark room? No, but it is useful light.
The quality of the low / 20 lumen setting is sufficient to enable a walk through a completely dark house or garage, or for finding things in a dark closet, workroom or pantry.  We don’t need 500 lumen flamethrowers for tent, camper or brief task utility light. Low light is often desirable. Try reading a map with a 200 lumen light. No, don’t!
The Solar Lamp 50 can be used for any indoor activity, like cooking or reading, it is most at home with outdoor use. With its light weight, it is very portable and great for  backpacking and camping. It is also a great accessory for emergency kits when you are in desperate need for a good light source.
With its durable design, the Solar Lamp 50 is not susceptible to water or dust. It can even charge in the rain. It's a dependable light that works in all sorts of situations. 
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