How to Clean the GoSun Sport

How to Clean the GoSun Sport

The Sport is awesome, versatile, and cooks food fast. But because it isn't shaped like a conventional oven, cleaning it is a new process. Fortunately, learning how to make it sparkle is easy, and we'll explain how. 

Here are six easy steps to cleaning the Sport. 

Step 1: Allow the device to completely cool down out of the Sun -- this can take over an hour.

Step 2: Screw the cleaning scrubby tool to the far end of the cooking tray and leaving the handle in place (see the video below).

Step 3: Fill the tube with about 0.5 liters of 8oz of water and a squirt of dish soap.

Step 4: Insert the cooking tray in cool tube and twist in a clockwise direction while plunging up and down.

Step 5: Rinse tray and tube as needed with water. The tube must be cool.

The Sport is GoSun's best-selling product. It can bake, roast, and steam a meal for two people in just 20 minutes under direct sun. It's light and compact so you can take it anywhere. 

Need visual instructions? Here's a video showing you exactly how to do it.