How to Fight Climate Change

How to Fight Climate Change

The weather changes are becoming more frequent and intense. Rising sea levels, extended droughts putting immense pressure on the food crops, and several animal and plant species on the brink of extinction are all signs worth worrying about. Amidst all this, it’s hard to envision what we can do to get a hold of a problem of this extent and severity. 

But the good news is we are all in this together. Cities, people, communities, schools, businesses, faith, and religious groups, and all sorts of organizations are taking strict action. We all should fight against these global environmental changes like our lives depend on it, because they really do!

It’s only human nature to take some kind of action when we're confronted with a significant problem – something as major as a climatic change. Even though the most meaningful steps we can take is to prevent a climate disaster at a governmental level, we all have the power to impact changes as a consumer, citizen, and an employer or employee. 

How to Fight Climate Change

According to the United Nations, we have now reached “Code Red.” The president of the United States only has less than a decade left to confront such a global level crisis, making the need for all of us to understand how to fight climate change more crucial than ever. 

In the United States, the annual carbon emissions of an average person are 16 tons, which is 4 times that of a standard car. It is also 4 times higher than the global average. To effectively hold off a catastrophic event of global warming, an average person must strive by all means to come down to 2 tons of carbon emissions footprint. 

Now there are several means to achieve this, as there is a lot you can do to minimize your household carbon emissions. For instance, you can waste less water and food, consume less meat, and drive less. Here are some ways we as individuals can reduce carbon emissions and play our part in fighting climate change. 

Use Mass Transit or Carpool

Over a quarter of the car miles traveled by individuals and households are for the means to travel back and forth from work, with usually one person in the car. Mass transit and carpooling are excellent options that can significantly reduce carbon emissions on every individual’s part.

Drive More Efficiently

In particular, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for speed limits and avoid excessive breaks or swift accelerations. Also, try not to drive too aggressively. 

Plan and Combine Trips

A significant amount of driving entails making frequent trips to run an errand or going grocery shopping. You should consider planning and combining trips to minimize the miles needed to travel. Even better, ask somebody to tag along with you, so they don’t have to use their car.

Also, replace your car with one that provides better mileage.  Learn all about green vehicles  and  greener cars

Eat Plant-Based

If you transition to a vegetarian diet, you can significantly cut your carbon emissions in half. And with vegan, the amount can go even lower. According to a University of Oxford study, making the shift from high to low meat and protein consumption can minimize your footprint by 1/3. If half of the global population minimized meat consumption, the global carbon emissions could be reduced by 66 gigatons. 


From mining minerals to logging trees, obtaining virgin resources tends to exploit the resources more than recycling existing materials. For instance, recycled aluminum products consume 95% less energy than creating new ones. Roughly 50% of recycled resources come from homes.

If we can increase at-home recycling to 65%, we can avert more than 2.8 gigatons of carbon emissions. But remember,  wrong recycling  can slow down the system and result in more waste. Always rinse out your recyclable items and ensure whatever you recycle is not causing contamination. 

Switch to Green Power

The best way to minimize your carbon emissions is to switch to other energy sources with little to no routine carbon dioxide emissions. In general, LEDs consume 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs and almost half as much as fluorescent lights. Switching your home to LED lights will significantly reduce your electricity bills.

They also last relatively longer than regular bulbs, resulting in long-term savings. The worldwide adoption of LEDs can drastically prevent approximately 7.8 gigatons of carbon emissions. You can discuss the different “green power” options available in your areas with your local electricity provider.

 These are but just some ways for you to reduce your carbon emissions footprint. But on a more serious note, you should also think of your daily usage of everyday appliances, which contribute immensely to carbon emissions. Let’s look at the two most significant ways in which you can bring about a difference. 

1. Use GoSun Energy-Efficient Solar Appliances

Appliance energy efficiency has a significant role to play given the current situation. Just 4 products, namely electric motors, air conditioners, lighting, and refrigerators, account for roughly 40% of the electricity consumption worldwide.

Doubling this efficiency can help us cut down electricity demand by almost 30k TWh between 2022 and 2030, equivalent to the creation of 1,500 coal-fired power plants, and prevent 13 Gt of carbon emissions.  

If possible, you should invest in an electric vehicle, or install solar panels in your home, office, or land. Make your home energy efficient by procuring and using energy-efficient solar appliances. Some of the world’s most efficient appliances are solar power appliances, such as those made by  GoSun. was created to allow individuals like you to make modest and rapid changes in your everyday consumption choices. The brand’s lean start-up approach has moved the market and taken it by storm by efficiently meeting primary consumer needs with the latest climate technology. 

GoSun solar appliances are an excellent way to cut down on our individual and global carbon emissions due to their utmost efficiency. The company gained its traction initially with the introduction of solar ovens.

But with time, the company has successfully expanded into an array of solar appliances. From portable fridges to water purification systems and tiny houses to power generators, GoSun offers all!

 GoSolar Oven

Outdoor cooking is fun, but you probably are unaware of all the carbon emissions you produce from doing barbeques in your backyard.  GoSun Solar Ovens are a total game-changer and the ultimate solution to cooking outdoors. The GoSun solar oven produces the tastiest, juiciest, and most delectable food you’ll ever create.

Check them out here:

With 6 trademarks and 5 patents, GoSun has taken innovative measures to harness solar energy. Its one-of-a-kind approach sets it apart from various other solar solutions available on the market.

Before GoSun came into being, solar ovens were rather impractical, bulky, and slow. But the new GoSun Solar Ovens are incredibly fast, compact, and convenient. In addition, it's entirely safe to touch even when its temperature is over 260°C. 

Learn why conventional barbeques are bad

GoSun Chill


The  GoSun Chill  is not just a cooler; it’s an impressive off-grid fridge without a noisy generator. This fantastic solar cooler does not need ice. Instead, it produces ice.

The GoSun Chill is a portable 12-volt refrigerator designed to keep your food frozen or cold, dry, and well-organized. Now that you have this excellent solar alternative, it’s time to say goodbye to all the soggy food. 

GoSun Flow



Water is essential to life. Hence, GoSun has created the ultimate sanitation and purification system that fulfills your water needs off-grid. Connecting a USB-powered pump to a solar power bank can give you an adequate supply of fresh drinking water.  GoSun Flow  is easy to set up and takes mere seconds to turn into a shower too. 

GoSun Generator

GoSun is aware of the best battery and solar technology. It has introduced a series of power bank solutions that offer you the freedom of power on the go to keep you at your work while off-grid.

From large to small, these devices are slowly making gas generators outdated. It can charge cameras, laptops, phones, tablets, lights, and many other devices. You can easily plug in this solar generator anywhere, anytime. 

GoSun Dream

Smaller houses are flooding the nation, but obviously for a good reason. Downsizing is the key to making life easier. The  GoSun Dream  is a solar, off-grid, smart home that can be positioned practically anywhere, allowing you to turn it into a vacation home, office, rental, or RV/mobile home. It comes with its own water, power, and waste management, so you can stay entirely autonomous and independent. 

2. Invest in a Climate Change Company like GoSun

If you haven't already, check your mutual funds, retirement plans, and basically any other personal investments to see if you unintentionally have a financial stake in one or more of the carbon-polluting companies. If yes, then you think about divesting from those companies.

Divesting  means taking out your money from organizations that fund the expansion of fossil fuels, which could ultimately dry up investing in those projects. Instead, you can invest your money in renewables and clean energy stocks, which have genuinely surpassed their fossil fuel peers in this current situation. 

Even if you cannot install a wind turbine or solar panels, you can still be part of a clean-energy economy by searching for local renewable energy cooperatives on the internet and joining them. By becoming a member, you will own a part of the cooperative’s renewable energy projects and earn a percentage of return on your investment.

This will give the industry an impression that you genuinely care about global climate change. So, meet with an investment adviser or a bank to ensure none of your investments include fossil fuels. Furthermore, ensure your pension funds, workplace, bank, or university do not invest in fossil fuels. If you want to start investing in cleantech start-ups, GoSun is your best bet.

Why You Should Invest in GoSun

The Outdoor Recreation Industry is developed and fully mature for investment. In 2019, It was a 459 billion dollar industry, and since then, the outdoor recreation industry has continued to soar throughout 2020 and 2021.

Climate and Solar Change investments have also now hit the charts,  doubling in recent years. Amidst all this, GoSun has an excellent track record of growth, with approximately $4 million revenue earned in 2020, a 109% sales growth over 2019, and more than 100,000 products sold across 70 countries to date.

With an emerging awareness about natural disasters and climate change, consumers worldwide demand more self-reliant, efficient, healthier, and cleaner products. 

GoSun fulfills that boom in solar energy to meet the needs of everyday consumers. It is fast becoming the most renowned household name for reliable and portable solar products and appliances for emergency, recreation, and off-grid applications.

The solar products it offers are enjoyable, easy to use, and work better than conventional products. The innovative clean technologies mastered by GoSun are incredibly affordable and fully capable of meeting your needs. 

With Start Engine, you can invest in Gosun for as little as $250 U.S.  See how here:

The team of experienced individuals (with several public IPs and successful exits) at GoSun has developed a unique process for introducing innovative appliances that power all your everyday needs with renewable energy sources. Using the brilliant range of GoSun products, individuals can:

  • Help the climate: Solar power drastically minimizes the environmental impact.
  • Save money: A sustainable energy source saves resources, money, and time.
  • Thrive off-grid: Our products can be used even during power outages.
  • Prepare for change:  Create flexibility with accessible and more versatile   sources of power.
  • Avoid messes: No more wastage, no melting ice, no smoke, plus a portable sink.
  • Live healthier: Fewer carcinogens, more nutrients.

Another reason to invest in GoSun is that the company donates plenty of money to trees every year.  Planting Trees  is one of the most significant ways to combat climate change. To date, GoSun has planted more than 50,000 trees and continues to do so.

As these trees grow, they’ll play a huge role and help stop climate change by eradicating CO2 from the air, storing carbon in the soil and trees, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. 


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