How to have power when power goes out. Buy the right solar product for energy independence.

How to have power when power goes out. Buy the right solar product for energy independence.

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America’s electrical system is becoming more and more undependable. Over the past two decades, more significant and sustained outages have occurred in the U.S, according to a 2022 Wall Street Journal review of federal data. These disruptions are only becoming more enduring, frequent, and costly. This problem is likely to worsen before we think about it getting better.

Due to the U.S electric grid’s lack of dependability, we need to get standalone solar equipment that is not grid-tied. In this guide, we’ll see the difference between an on-grid and standalone solar equipment as well as help you understand how GoSun solar-powered products can provide you with the independence and reliability you need. 

The Unreliability of U.S Power Grid

With each passing year, the disruptions to the United States’ electrical grid only seem to increase and become more expensive. In 2000, data revealed less than 24 significant disruptions. In 2020, this number surpassed 180.

When a massive winter storm knocked out the electricity grid in Texas last year, it left millions of people without any source of electricity for days. Officials struggled to make sense of the sheer size of the crisis on their hands.

These aren’t just rolling blackouts; instead, they are power outages at a vast and unprecedented level. Despite this frightening occurrence, the situation doesn’t appear as unusual as it once did. Issues with America’s power grid are only likely to worsen with time.

One of the most significant factors causing the U.S electrical system to be less dependable with passing the time is that the power grid is quite old, with some parts being built before WWII. Many power lines have stood in place for several decades now. Thus, it is only natural for the equipment to eventually come to an end of its useful life and become more vulnerable to failure.

Secondly, this vulnerability is now worsened by more frequent storms, climatic changes, strange weather patterns, and storms with greater intensity across the United States. All these factors put additional strain on infrastructure that may already be susceptible to failure.

Amidst this, it is essential to push our generation mix to shift to emissions-free sources of electricity. As a result, this creates a challenge. These sources are intermittent by nature. Unlike a more traditional power plant that is fired with natural gas or coal, these energy sources produce power when the wind blows, or the sun shines, allowing them to run all the time. 

●     Disadvantages of On-Grid Systems

Most roof top solar systems in the USA are grid tied systems without batteries. Thus, they cannot generate electricity or function during a blackout. They cannot produce solar energy and minimize your power bill when there is no sunlight and at night-time. This is primarily due to safety reasons. 

What is a Standalone Solar System?

For most people, running their homes or small businesses with a small renewable power system connected to the power grid, called a standalone system, can be provide more independence, but can be expensive. A standalone solar electrical system is a system that uses only solar electric power as its primary source of energy. Given that several locations on this planet have absolutely no source of electricity available, the need for standalone solar systems has become an absolute must.

A standalone solar electrical system at these locations serves as the ideal electricity source. They can be more cost-effective than extending electricity lines line to the power grip, the cost of which varies from $15,000 - 50,000 per mile.

However, these systems are also utilized by individuals who reside near the grid and wish to get independence from the primary power provider or commit themselves to non-polluting power sources.

●     Advantages of Standalone Solar Systems

Standalone solar power systems have been in use for quite long in places where there is no public grid available. This system’s primary advantage is that it doesn’t depend on on-grid or any other power source, unlike a conventional grid system.

As it doesn’t have any connection with any other electric supply line or grid, it’s also known as an off-grid Photovoltaic system (PV). In this system, the sun is the only energy source, so it should have some methods to make it active during the night. This job is done by  storage batteries,

Thus, a storage battery system is a fundamental component of a standalone solar system. These batteries store the energy produced by the solar panels, after which your electrical appliances draw their power from these batteries. However, if the system is dedicated to working during the day only, this battery system can often be omitted from the system. 

Why You Should Buy GoSun Solar and Battery Powered Products

At GoSun, we offer an incredible range of portable battery and solar-powered products that provide you with a reliable means of cooking, cooling, water purification, powering your phone and electronic gadgets and appliances, and an array of accessories for on the go and everyday use.

Our team of engineers, designers, and change-makers serve the planet with the most efficient and clean energy solutions. GoSun takes great pride in winning the Small Business of the Year Award in 2017 and the Climate Change Innovation Award in 2019.

With GoSun solar and battery-powered products, you no longer have to rely on on-grid systems for a power source. Instead, you enjoy complete independence throughout day and night.

Shop Solar Ovens at GoSun

GoSun brings you a full range of solar ovens that call for gas, no fuel, and yet will give you  the juiciest, tastiest, and most succulent food you will ever make using nothing but solar power. They primarily run directly on solar thermal energy, and some like the fusion have back up solar electric options, allowing one to continue to cook even when the grid goes down, or there is no sun.

●     Shop Solar Coolers at GoSun

The best thing about GoSun  solar coolers is that they never need any ice. These amazing portable fridges run directly on solar o  on 12-volt batteries, allowing you to keep your food and beverages dry, frozen, cold, and well-organized even when the power is out.

●     Shop Solar Power at GoSun    

Now with GoSun’s excellent range of solar-powered products, you can charge all your valuable electronics, including your tablet, phone, laptop, and camera, using the sun. These lightweight products were designed while keeping portability in mind so you can stay charged up at all times, no matter the time or even if there is no power, without the need for gas. 

●     Shop Water at GoSun

Often when the grid goes, down, there is a need to purify water.  GoSun off-grid water systems  are powered by solar and batteries.  And this special  water purification system can easily turn into a hot shower and sink, whenever  there is a shortage of clean water. 

●     Shop Accessories at GoSun

Whether you search for replacements, accessories, or add-ons for your other valuables, you can find water your solar gear you may need at GoSun.