Interested in a Climate Change Investment Opportunity? Get Started with GoSun

Interested in a Climate Change Investment Opportunity? Get Started with GoSun

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the devastating effect of climate change is expected to feature malnutrition, diarrhea, malaria, heat stress, and even death. In fact, climate change is anticipated to be the cause of 250,000 additional death annually between 2030 and 2050. 

Considering the global effect of climate change, making an effort to limit its effect in the current time and into the future should be a common goal. For this reason, several organizations, private and public, are already making efforts and investing in climate change programs to create a better future for us and the unborn. In other words, climate change investment opportunity refers to ways to bring positive change to our ecosystem.

In this regard, GoSun is one of the leading companies in the fight for climate change via its products, services, and investment opportunities. If you are interested in a climate change investment that is making a real impact in our community, then you should seriously consider GoSun.

Why should you consider GoSun?

For those who are learning about GoSun for the first time, it’s a body using solar energy to provide products that are eco-friendly and meet the consumer’s needs. With the brand’s innovative approach towards climate change, it is currently in the top 1% of all crowdfunding innovators. GoSun had successfully crowdfunded 10 products on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Since its inception, GoSun has been widely loved and respected for its commitment to a better world, customer satisfaction, and commendable brand identity.

According to Energy Transition Outlook 2018, experts expect the solar energy industry to grow 65-fold (6,500%) across 2050. Interestingly, GoSun is the leading frontier in this regard, engineering, building, and supplying solar products to meet the essential needs of end-users. Unlike other solar companies, GoSun offers cost-effective, eco-friendly, and affordable portable solar appliances that can be used for both recreation and during a power outage. 

Several investors are putting their money into GoSun as the company is becoming well-recognized and broadly respected. As a matter of fact, GoSun has made an appearance on several renowned news channels, including the Top Chef, The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, and Science Channel’s All American Makers. 

Additionally, the popular firm won Fast Company’s 2017 World-Changing Ideas Awards, Consumer Technology Association’s 2017 Small Business of the Year, 2019 CES Climate Change Innovator Award, and most recently, CES Innovation Awards 2021 Honoree. Hence, it’s not surprising that GoSun continues to relish investment and support from various personalities globally as it keeps delivering on its mandates as one of the leading solar energy solutions providers.

Why should you invest?

If you are investing in solar and climate change projects for the first time, you are coming in at the right time for various reasons. Also, the outdoor recreation industry has now emerged as one of the top niches to invest in, with revenues of $459.8B. The trend is expected to rise, due to Covid, as people have re-discovered the enjoyment of the great outdoors. 

In this industry, not many brands are hitting growth like GoSun from its products, solutions, and climate projects. In 2020, the brand recorded $3.9M in revenue, now selling more than 100,000 products to customers in over 70 countries. The record was a  109% sales increase compared to sales in   2019.

GoSun is generating attention, commendation, and investment via a successful combination of innovative electronic works, clever energy storage, and inventive use of solar. This has led to the development of multiple consumer products with high performance, good affordability, and top quality. Aside from creating portable devices that make life easier outdoors, GoSun has developed the perfect recipe for launching eco-friendly innovations. More importantly, understanding climate challenges and providing solutions to them makes GoSun many customers’ favorites globally. 

What are the challenges and solutions?

Our environment is under duress and stress due to many anthropogenic activities. More so, it is becoming more apparent that our environment cannot meet up with the traditional energy use, which is still common in several countries globally. We cannot continue to rely on grid power as its use could be complicated and the supply chain compromised.  Additionally, it is not uncommon to see centralized utility power taking away financial freedom from people. 

Outdoor recreation should be fun and memorable but not at the expense of our environment. However, with overreliance on fossil fuels, our world becomes more vulnerable. Besides, it can be quite financially draining if you have to be purchasing supplies every day, only to trash them after a single-use. In short, living off-grid without innovative products that offer solutions can be challenging. So what's the way forward?

For some years, GoSun's innovative products have continued to help people stay off-grid without messing up the climate. With GoSun Solar-powered products, people can help the climate and live healthier at a lesser cost. Below are some of  GoSun's products that are making the magic:

  • GoSun Solar Ovens
  • Widely considered as the game-changer when it comes to cooking outdoors, the GoSun solar oven is the perfect product to make tasty and juicy foods away from home. The finely designed product cooks in minutes. It is quite versatile as the model roasts, bakes steams and boils with the aid of the sun. The product is not only versatile but healthy as it supports nutritious delicacies. It’s breakthrough hybrid solar oven, the fusion,  can even cook at night!

    GoSun Chill

    Here is a 12V portable fridge that keeps food frozen, dry, or cold. GoSun Chill is powered by solar energy, consumes little space, requires no ice, and keeps the food fresh. If you need ice, you can trust this fridge to deliver, indeed it can actually make its own ice using the sun. While it's self-sustaining, it also keeps food frozen for a longer period. You can also use the GoSun Chill to charge devices. 

    • GoSun Power Generators

    Get the power to harness multiple power bank solutions with GoSun Power Generators. The lightweight,  portable design charges laptops, cameras, phones, light, tablets, among other devices. These models are popular among buyers because they are silent and sustainable. These products generate zero fumes and require almost no maintenance. GoSun Power Generators require no fuel as they can be charged by the sun..

    • GoSun Flow

    Here is a purification and sanitation system that is pretty useful while off-grid. It's especially handy for getting clean water. GoSun Flow works by connecting the pump to a small solar power bank to kickstart the microsystem. Its top qualities include versatility, water conservation, and ease of use. You can always set up the sanitation station anywhere. GoSun Flow saves you from finding chemicals to sterilize drinking water while away from town.

    • GoSun Dream

    The latest innovation is the GoSun Dream. This is an off-grid solar smart home, which you can set up anywhere. It can serve as a rental, office, vacation home, or mobile home. It features onboard water, solar cooler, water system, energy storage, hybrid solar & electric appliances, and supports cooling & heating.

    Want to Get Started?

    If you would like to contribute to a better community, healthier lives, and safer ecosystem with a growth potential? invest in GoSun for as low as $250. Click here to get started. 
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