International Praise For GoSun's Solar Water Purification System

International Praise For GoSun's Solar Water Purification System

The GoSun Flow is doing things with solar energy that few ever considered. The Flowmaking it a portable handwashing station, shower, and source of clean water. It's small enough to fit into a backpack, which means clean water can now go wherever a person can. 

The word has gotten out, and the Flow is getting incredible praise from around the world. Don't' believe us? Here are reviews from four countries.


Through years of development, GoSun has designed the Flow to make everyone’s outdoor water needs as easy as possible. It is unrivaled for both water purification and delivery in a mobile package.

More than simply a water purifier, the GoSun Flow serves as an entire kitchen sink. With available upgrades, it can be converted into a full-on portable shower complete with clean, hot water. The all-in-one unit includes a faucet, pump, filter, powerbank, and solar panels. It can also be powered by a USB outlet.



GoSun returns with another handy device for environmentally-minded campers. In its basic form, the GoSun Flow solar cleaning system is designed to pump water from a dirty source, filter it and, on the other hand, provide purified water. 

But it can be adjusted depending on the situation. For example, the user can remove the filter module and attach it to a water bag or bottle. When pressure is then applied, the water is pumped through a filter that acts as such a cleaning straw.


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Small enough to fit comfortably in a backpack, the GoSun Flow portable solar sink and shower couldn’t have come at a better time.  The GoSun Flow introduces a convenient and sustainable way to access clean water almost anywhere and anytime.


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