Meet the GoSun Flow, our Solar Water Purifier

Meet the GoSun Flow, our Solar Water Purifier

GoSun has always tried to make off-grid living better, more convenient, and more sustainable. Since releasing our first solar oven, the GoSun Sport, in 2013, we have introduced a line of cookers, solar lights, solar phone chargers, and a solar cooler that eliminates the need for ice.

Cooking, light, and refrigeration supply just about all you need to truly live off-grid. But not everything. After all, you can't live if you don't have water.

That's why we're so excited to introduce the Flow. 

GoSun’s latest product not only purifies water with solar power, but it's an entire kitchen sink that can fit into a backpack, so you're able to sanitize while away from home.  Starting at $139, the Flow will have several upgrades to include a faucet, sink basin, and hot shower. 

One of the best solar water purifiers you can find on the market is the GoSun Flow. It's the world's first portable solar-powered purifier that produces enough clean water to wash dishes or even take a shower yet is small enough to fit in a backpack.

Here's more about what the Flow can do:

  • Pump Water: The Flow can pump water at 15 PSI
  • USB ready: The first USB-powered water filter of its kind
  • Warm showers: Stay fresh with a super-efficient solar shower upgrade
  • Compact and portable: All-in-one case with faucet, pump, filter, power bank & solar

Basically, it's a kitchen sink that goes with you. All you have to do is flip the switch to get pure water while away from home. The Flow is great for camping, international travel, a backyard BBQ, boating, RV cooking, and emergency prep.

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