Introducing the GoSun Fusion, Generation Two

Introducing the GoSun Fusion, Generation Two

GoSun is always trying to innovate and create incredible new technology to improve the way you eat, drink, and light up a room with zero-carbon solar-based technology. We also try to improve our current lineup of products, learning from mistakes that came before and listening to customer feedback.
That's why were excited to release the GoSun Fusion, Generation Two.  We want you to be 100% happy with your GoSun Fusion, so we've been working on several improvements to make it even better. 
Below are some of the upgrades over the original GoSun Fusion. Check out the Fusion for yourself here if you haven't yet had the chance. 

GoSun Fusion Upgrades

1. Leg Stabilization Improvement: A free kit that you can install at home in ten minutes with nothing but a couple of tools (including a drill). These kits will ship in May.

2. Electric Circuit Improvement: We are aware of some issues with the Fusion's circuitry, so if you are having any problems with the 12V electric heating element, we'd like to help. Please fill out a Warranty Claim

3. Silicone Cooking Trays: Pre-order our reusable pans to make separation and baking easier. These will deliver this Summer. A very popular item for both the GoSun Go and Sport.

4. Water Heating Mode: you can now tilt the Fusion in a vertical angle to heat up water for washing or brewing. More about this solution is coming soon.

Keep in mind we are here to help with any question or concern at:  Recipes are available on our website. Also, check out the  GoSun Community Kitchen on Facebook

Again, GoSun thanks you for pushing us forward.
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