Let There Be (A Free) Light: Nokero Winter Promotion

Let There Be (A Free) Light: Nokero Winter Promotion

Five years ago, Patrick Sherwin, founder of GoSun Stove, came across his first Nokero solar lantern, while working to electrify a rural village in Haiti. Retailing at less than $10 USD, the solar lanterns served a profound need for families living off dirty and hazardous kerosine for their primary lighting source. In the following months he helped distribute thousands and saw first hand the power of these lights to change lives. 

Nokero's Impact

Nokero (meaning No Kerosene) was founded to address a major problem facing the 1.3 billion people on Earth using kerosene and candles as their primary lighting sources. With more than a million people dying each year in fires caused by their lamps, solar lanterns are not only safer; they also give children extra hours to study, parents extra time to generate income and save a substantial amount of money for the poorest of the poor. (The cost of a N233 is equivalent to the monthly fuel expenses for a family of four.) Using disruptive green innovation, Nokero is making a massive impact globally, with more than 1.4 million units sold to date, primarily in developing countries. 

New Winter Promotion: Let There Be (A Free) Light

As long time fans of Nokero, we are proud to announce that we are now including their latest 233 Solar Light Bulb (a $20+ value) with every GoSun Sport Pro Pack purchased through the end of the year. 

Released this October, the Nokero 233 is the world’s most efficient solar lightWaterproof and built to take a beating, the 233 is the perfect companion for camping or emergency lighting and can run up to 15 hours from a single day’s charge, cranking out 25 lumens. In addition, for every light sold through the promotion, Nokero will give an equal light to a family in need.

We’ve used these lights for many events from state fairs to music festivals and can attest to their practicality and quality. We often just leave them in the windshield, always ready for the night. 

Serving a universal need with cutting edge green technology, it seemed like a natural fit to include the world’s most efficient solar light with the wolds most efficient solar stove. We hope you'd agree.

To learn more about Nokero or the 233 Solar Light Bulb watch this video or visit Nokero.com:

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