Off-Grid Appliances: Cook and Refrigerate Anywhere

Off-Grid Appliances: Cook and Refrigerate Anywhere

Want to live off-grid? It's not enough to live in a log cabin away from local utility companies (unless, of course, that's your thing; build your log cabin and grow your beard). Living off-grid means having the right off-grid appliances that are designed to let you cook your food, provide refrigeration, and even provide electricity without a power line in sight.
Turns out there are plenty of great solar-powered appliances that make living in your off-grid homes as convenient as possible..Below are our recommended off-grid appliances to meet your energy, cooking, and refrigeration needs.

Off-Grid Energy: GoSun's Solar Table 60

Designed to charge the GoSun PowerBank (a portable 144wh energy storage device), theSolarTable 60 is our fastest, most powerful solar charger. Use the sun to charge laptops, tablets, cameras, phones, and lights – or even power the Chill and Fusion at night. With a 60W collapsible solar table, you have a tempered glass table surface and shade to cover the Chill.

  • Weight: 18.5 lb (8.4kg)
  • Dimensions: 48" L x 27" H x 19-27" W
  • Aluminum + stainless steel
  • Provides surface and shade
  • Perfect for beach, boating, and cookouts

Off-Grid Cooking: The Fusion

The Fusion is the world's first portable, solar + electric oven to work off-grid. This versatile cooker is 5x more efficient than a traditional electric oven.

  • Weight: 14 lb (6.2kg)
  • Max temperature: 550°F (290°C)
  • Feeds up to 6 people
  • No charcoal or fire
  • Cooks at night, indoors, vehicles and under clouds

Off-Grid Refrigeration: The Chill

Meet the solar cooler that doesn't need ice. 

GoSun engineered a cooler that can keep colder temperatures longer and is more sanitary than anything else on the market.  Nothing is cleaner or easier than the GoSun Chill. 

The Chill can be powered by multiple power sources, including Powerbank, AC Adapter, 12 Volt Cord (carport charger), Solar Table, or Flexible Solar Panels. This way, you can access the most convenient power sources when you need it. To charge the Powerbank, plug in the included AC Adapter into any wall socket (100-250VAC) or use one of our two solar charging options - the Solar Table or Flexible Solar Panel.

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