Outdoor Solar Lights For Off the Grid

Outdoor Solar Lights For Off the Grid

 One of the biggest roadblocks to a good camping trip is sufficient lighting. Once the Sun goes down, if you don't have enough headlamps or LED lights, then finding anything becomes nearly impossible. And if your batteries run out, then it's lights out. 

That's why outdoor solar lights are so great. They never run out of batteries and are built for portability. And the most powerful outdoor solar lights you can find are GoSun's Solar Cabin Lights. They put out 600 lumens and can lighten up a huge cabin on the darkest day. Check out the specs below and watch our video to see the Solar Cabin Lights in action.

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Light your home, cabin, workshop, shed or outdoors with this Solar Lighting System. These solar lanterns can light up to four rooms or one large off-grid workshop. Mobile phone charging is supported via USB output.

Tech Specs

Polycrystalline (Solar Panel) Plastic (Housing)

Power Output



USB (1x)

Power source



600 lumens (150 per lamp)

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Check out the solar cabin lights in action here:


Here's a transcript of the video:
It's a 12 by 24 foot space and at night it's super dark in here so the Sun King I'm hoping will come through and give me power and light everything that's included in the Sun home 120.
It's really thought through; there's a mounting plate cable management three lights and they're all switched, which will be convenient to have different areas the main control that has the battery housed and the 12 watt solar panel that's gonna keep this topped off at all times.
I like to start with the solar panel so I went ahead and installed this little aluminum bracket and I use the provided wire to string it on just about four holes in that, and I'm gonna just use these nice stainless screws and go right into the decking. What do you know--it works! I mean it's it's so simple. What's nice is that the air can move underneath so the panel can stay a little cooler and it's way more efficient.
OK, so the solar cable is in and I'm gonna go ahead and plug it in to the input and you can see that's got it charging already. Like I said, it shipped with a full charge. I'm gonna manage these wires but I think I'm gonna take a break because the wasps are getting super active in just a few minutes of wiring. We've already got our first circuit I'm just gonna flip this handy little switch which will we soon to be mount wall-mounted.

We don't realize the value of light and we take it for granted having a little bit of light to continue to carry on. 600 lumens in this little shed right now and I couldn't be happier thanks to the Sun King home 120
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