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33 million dreams broken, 33 million hopes shattered, and 33 million futures destroyed

By: Adnan Hassan Rajput

(CEO - House of Sellers)

Price is Paid! (For Someone else’s Sins?)

Was it “MoonSoon”?

Was it “Global Warming”?

Was it “Climate Change”?

All the debate comes later to “Humanity”, where 1.1 Millions Homes destroyed, Infrastructure like Schools, Hospitals & Bridges shattered and Millions of Acres of Crops Swept away.

As per Today, Over 1.1 million homes have been damaged of which over 436k have been totally destroyed, and in many cases, washed away. In total 33 million people have been affected and reports suggest a third of the entire country is flooded. Around 6 million need urgent help.

Many people are living in ad hoc camps with virtually no hygiene and sanitation, very little food, and no access to medication. Official figures suggest that 1,200 people have died and 4,900 injured, but the figures are likely to be higher due to the remote nature of many villages. In finances, the damage for Pakistan is “Far Greater than $10 Billion” and it’s adding up day by day.

And The Damage Continues - Disease Risk Grows!

Alarming! After effects of flooding leading to chaos and unrest. Pakistan already had a high level of stunting, and the areas where that’s a major health issue, “are the same areas that are now flooded”. “The anticipation list of waterborne diseases - diarrhea, cholera, all the diseases you can imagine - will hit, and quite soon, so we need to be in place to respond to those as well.”

As rains continue and flooding likely worsens over the coming days, there is an urgent need to scale up disease surveillance, restore damaged health facilities, ensure sufficient medicines and health supplies to affected communities.

Affected people have conveyed their message to the world, about their traumatic and scarring experiences as rain and floodwaters swept away their possessions in minutes. “Those who could, rushed to safety on higher ground without being able to rescue their belongings. Shelter, clean drinking water and food are among the most urgently needed items in the aftermath of the flood.”

Crops and livestock have been lost, having a significant impact on both livelihood and nutrition of afflicted communities.

Climate Change - Pakistan Now! Next Can be YOU!

“Climate change” is Real, Not a Myth Anymore!

We, Pakistanis are the first affectees & living proof of “Climate Change”.

Pakistan contributes less than 1% in World’s carbons emission yet comes in the frontline of human induced climate crisis. Pakistan is home to more glaciers than anywhere outside the polar areas. Global warming makes the country more vulnerable to sudden outbursts of melting glacier water. For the past decade, the country faces warming rates considerably above the global average and more frequent and intense extreme climate events, such as:

  • Heat Waves: From March to June, the province of Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab saw record-breaking heatwaves thus affecting the normal living
  • Glacial/Clouds Outburst: In the northern regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan, melting glaciers caused Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOF).
  • Unprecedented Monsoon: Excessive monsoon have created havoc in all regions of Pakistan, stretching from Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to Sindh, Southern Punjab, and Balochistan. This climatic catastrophe has wreaked devastation on the most marginalized, with millions still waiting for food, drinking water, and shelter while rescue teams struggle to reach these cut-off communities.


“We are Paying the Price Now, You might be The Next”

First Thing First - Humanity Calls!

“It’s Time to Join Hands” to restore 33 million futures”.

Debate later, Act Now. Countless measures to be taken to reduce the damages of “Climate Change” and Global Warming. But if you want to join hands immediately, here is what you can do:

  • Spread the Message: Convey the message of people to your community and join hands to help those in this havoc.
  • Awareness: Create awareness about Climate Change in your family, friends and community to play your part. Do your part to cut emissions today and become more resilient!
  • Donations: If you want to lend a hand immediately, here is the list of relief operations and donations channels you can refer to:

Floods 2022 Pakistan Fundraisers

“Whoever saves a life is as though he had saved all mankind”. (Al-Quran - 5:32)

Let’s Save Lives Now!

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