Portable Products For a Solar-Powered Future

Portable Products For a Solar-Powered Future

Around one billion people do not have access to electricity and over three billion people still cook on dangerous, polluting stoves that run on dirty fuels: wood, charcoal, and petrochemical fires. That's why zero-carbon portable products are so important. These one billion people won't' be able to escape dangerous cooking methods until they have ovens that are grid-independent and don't rely on fossil fuels. That's why GoSun is so devoted to developing portable products for a solar future.

GoSun has been getting attention all across the tech sector for its cutting edge solar products that cook food at night, chill food with no ice, and purify water with the Sun (more specific, the GoSun Fusion, the GoSun Chill, and the Flow, if you want to check them out for yourselves.

Here's what GritDaily had to say about GoSun's cutting-edge approach to making incredible solar products.

It is common knowledge that the world’s natural resources are dwindling and it is only a matter of time before they run dry. Many companies look to the sun as an endless supply of energy and create solar panels to harness that power–primarily to power a home.  Since we all live our lives on the go, some portability around solar products really made sense. A company that concentrates on the intersection of functional solar-powered products and portability is GoSun. This company is harnessing the sun to charge devices, purify water, and cook food.
Clever design and forward-thinking allowed GoSun to create an ecosystem around solar solutions. They knew that if you are going to cook food using the sun–you’re probably bringing food with you to cook–which means you need a cooler to transport and store that food. To complement the portable solar cookers, GoSun offers a solar cooler called the Chill that will keep your food fresh using the power from the sun. 

Beyond innovation, GoSun has also been praised for its social activism.

GoSun has shipped products all over the world, across the continents, which include over 70 countries. They’ve created relationships with multiple non-profit organizations and donated to Global Giving and World Central Kitchen just to name a few. To show even more their commitment to social and global responsibility; the company has donated over 1,500 solar cookers to the famous American Red Cross. 
As an example of GoSun’s effort to educate their customers, their website offers articles that cover a wide variety of topics, which include saving parts of the environment, how to own a tiny house, along with product benefits and functionality instructions. 

GoSun continually seeks to stay involved in the community and unify people by providing alternatives to unsafe, inefficient, and unsustainable methods of preparing food. New product developments are consistently in the works to make this solar future a solar present.

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