Recovering From Florence: 5 Things You Can Do to Help

Here at GoSun, we strive for preparedness, but also know that even with preparation, disasters still take their toll.

September 21, 2018 2 min read

Source: Trendy News Update

The East Coast is still reeling in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. 523,000 homes are without power, and over 19,000 people are displaced and living in shelters. CBS reports a mostrecent death toll of 42, and ongoing effects of the storm make damage totals incalculable. Here at GoSun, we strive for preparedness, but also know that even with preparation, disasters still take their toll, and people still need help. Here are five ways you, too, can get involved with the recovery effort!

Give Blood With The - American Red Cross

The American Red Cross provides aid to victims of Hurricane Florence via medical care and shelters. You can help by donating blood at a local blood drive, or by supporting them monetarilyhere. On this page, you can select  where you want your donations to go--the tab for Hurricane Florence should be automatically selected, but if it isn’t, you can make that your choice via the drop-down menu.

Support - World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen has served over 80,000 meals to date to people affected by Hurricane Florence. As with the American Red Cross, they’ve been on the ground, serving 25 shelters and over 20,000 meals per day. The volunteers at World Central Kitchen, many of whom are local, serve the members of their community as well as the military and first responders risking their lives to get others to safety. You candonate to their efforts directly, and with everypreparedness bundlesold, a portion of the proceeds is sent to World Central Kitchen.

Get Involved With - Operation BBQ Relief

Their mission: Providing hot meals to victims of natural disasters (bar-b-que meals, of course). Their team: Volunteers, who have been working since very shortly after Hurricane Florence hit. And there’s nothing like good southern comfort food to bring a bit of brightness to someone’s day. Click on the “Get Involved” tab on their website for ways to help!

Give to the - SPCA

When disaster strikes, it’s not just humans that are affected. In many cases, family pets are also displaced, and many times pets aren’t allowed in emergency shelters set up by relief organizations. That’s why organizations like theWake County SPCA and other animal shelters are so important. If you’re moved to help these four-legged family members, you can donatehere.

Donate to - Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a charity focused on helping teachers with supplying their classrooms after disasters and promoting education and therapeutic outlets for students in underprivileged or crisis-struck areas. The school year was already in full swing when Florence hit, and charities like DOnorsChoose aim to help teachers get back to teaching and kids back to school as quickly and easily as possible. If education is your passion,donate here.

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