Solar Cooking Tips from An RV Master

Solar Cooking Tips from An RV Master

Want to live a life on the road?

Tiffany will show you how.

What some people see as a simple vacation other can make into a lifestyle (or better yet, an art). We discovered Tiffany a few months ago posting on the GoSun Community Kitchen. Her eye-catching recipes came attached with intriguing snip-bits and breathtaking landscapes. We had a feeling that there was a great story behind the photos and reached out to get the inside scoop behind this enigmatic RVing boondocker. 

delicious meals from a solar cooker

What's your story? How did you get into full time RVing?

 I had moved/relocated exactly 40 times as an adult on my own. I have lived in several different states and many cities within those states. I had great experiences due to those moves, but eventually, I tired of buying and selling homes, the packing, the physical moves, etc. So, in the spring of 2014, I decided to simplify my life. What better way to continue to have great experiences and still satisfy my gypsy nature of “moving” than to start RVing?

I auctioned everything I owned and bought a 1990 27’ Class C RV. And off I went not knowing a thing about RVing except what I had read in online forums. I started in Oxford, Ohio, went down the east coast, then across the country to Arizona. There was quite a learning curve, but I’ve always believed, you learn by doing!


rv living is good with fuel free cooking
What draws you to the RV life?

 In a word, “freedom”!

I am not tied to anywhere for any specific length of time. My route is dictated by elevation and temperatures. In a second word, “economics”. My main goal was to never pay for a place to stay. And so far, that has worked out!

I love nature, so I stay in national forests, on free public lands, and various other spots here and there that offer a free place to park, i.e., some city parks, and even retail establishments for a quick overnight when traveling to a destination. Most free public lands and national forests allow a two-week stay. I always have enough provisions to last the two weeks, so I usually only move twice/month. Very economical!

For the past two years I have stayed in one spot for about five months during the winter...southwestern Arizona. It is a long term stay public land area. Cost? Less than $1.00/day, and that includes a water station and other [simple] amenities. It’s not “free”, but almost! My yearly expenses for a place to park (which is a place to live!) is only about $200! And more often than not, I have lived in many beautiful places!

Of course, this is “boondocking” – living off-grid with no hook up to electric, water or sewer. Not everyone would or could live this way full time but for those who want freedom and a simpler life, it’s perfect!


a parabolic dish solar cooker by an RV
What is it about the GoSun that makes it a good fit for RVing?

I have a propane stove and oven, a propane camp stove, a charcoal grill, a slow cooker, a pressure cooker and a toaster oven. All these cooking devices are just fine. BUT, propane and charcoal are fuels that need to be replenished and obviously, cost money. In many of the remote areas where I stay, it isn’t always easy to find a propane station. And anything electric requires the use of my generator, which equates to gasoline usage. Here’s where the GoSun has been a lifesaver! The sun is free! And barring only severely inclement weather, it can be used almost every day. Another virtue of the GoSun is its light weight and small footprint. Two very important factors when you are living in a small space. It sets up anywhere. I may be parked in the shade, but I can take the GoSun away from the RV into the sunlight, or even semi-shade. It’s the perfect travel companion!

Do you have a motto or ethos you live by?

“Less is more”.

People often think I am on a never-ending vacation. It seems that way at the beginning. But one day a light bulb comes on and you realize, this isn’t a “vacation”. It is a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle of choice.

It’s a lifestyle of living simply and coming to the realization that all the “stuff” we’ve thought was so cars, giant TVs, designer labels, big homes, etc., is just “stuff”. It gets us nowhere...except in debt and often, addicted to wanting more.

The RV lifestyle gives one an entirely new appreciation of what’s important. For me, it’s being able to enjoy nature every single day no matter where I am and not being dependent on what I used to take for granted, and ultimately wasted. It’s also a lifestyle to meet others that have the same wanderlust and simple living mindset as I have....those who “get it”.

pork tenderloin in a solar oven
What are your top 5 GoSun recipes?

Pork : Cherry/Dijon Roasted Pork Tenderloin
Chicken : BBQ Chicken Thighs
Salmon : Teriyaki/Sesame Salmon
Vegetables : Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Onion & Tomatoes
Desserts : Cranberry/Blueberry Upside Down Cake

Anything else you'd like to add?

Don’t forget....the Go Sun isn’t just for RVers. It’s for everyone! Camping, tailgaiting, backyard get togethers, the beach, hiking, picnics....wherever good food and the sun meet! 




All the above images and photography are productions of Tiffany. To learn more about her artwork and track her through her next adventure visit her blog at:

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