See the GoSun Solar Kitchen in Action

See the GoSun Solar Kitchen in Action

We are GoSun, and we believe that being prepared in uncertain times is essential so we design products that require no fuel or resupply. With that, we are proud to present to you the GoSun Kitchen. It has absolutely everything you need to eat or drink, no matter how far away from the grid you are. 
First off, you can purify and sanitize water for drinking or cooking thanks to Gosun's new portable water purifier, the GoSun Flow. it's a kitchen sink and even a shower all in one.
You can put food in the GoSun Chill, so we've got the entire house fridge
chucked in here we were running it on ac power now we're running it on 12 volt with the van we can also run it on our portable power bank
all this stuff can also run on sunshine.
Of course the ability to cook with the GoSun Fusion is incredible. It lets you easily make a meal for five.
And don't forget about your critical morning coffee. Our the newest product  is the GoSun Brew.  With the GoSun Kitchen, you can cook, cool, clean, charge light, power, sanitize, and brew some coffee.

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Check out this video from user Darcy Donovan to see it in action for yourself: 




Hi, it's Darcy here and what would be the ultimate holiday gift? How about a solar kitchen? 

As we all know this has been a very difficult year and it's really made us all rediscover the outdoors for eating for road trips and for camping. So let me ask you this -- what would you do if the power went out? Well, with all the crazy fires, hurricanes, and storms, power outages are becoming more and more common.

A solar kitchen is safer and more convenient way to cook, cool, and charge whenever you're outdoors, whether you're camping, traveling, or you're just having a relaxing day at the beach. Plus it's more fun!

Seriously -- no more dragging ice along to keep your drinks cold, no more dealing with hot coal smoke or even propane. Finally, it's something you can personally do to help the environment and do your part to help slow down climate change.

Okay, so this is what you need to know about the solar kitchen and what it all can do. First it's really portable. It all folds up and has built-in wheels, a pull-out handle, and bungees that allow even just one person to carry the entire kitchen.

Once you have it all set up, it looks like this: the Solar Table is charging the battery, and the battery is running the cooler. The solar panel is over on this side, and this side you have a nice work space or a space for your solar oven.

What's so neat about this is that the cooler never needs ice, and the more sun there is the more energy there is, and you can literally keep your drinks cold all day and night without ever needing ice. And because there's no need for ice there's more room for food and for drinks and you'll never have that soggy wet mess from melted ice!

The solar oven is amazing. You simply unfold the reflectors, put the food in there, and then point at the sun using this handy sundial, This solar oven  can cook or bake just about anything: it can bake sweet rolls cookies or bread, it can roast any kind of vegetable, and it can even cook chicken or fish or my favorite steak.

Okay, so what if the sun isn't shining? Well, the GoSun Fusion is a hybrid oven that allows you to just plug it into any 12-volt battery and it'll keep on cooking.

Also, I need to tell you about this amazing compact battery: The GoSun Powerbank. Not only can it run the cooler and the solar oven, but it can also charge your phone like 10 times! So wherever you are, whether you're camping at the beach, or just in your backyard, you can cook, cool, and charge your phone using this awesome Powerbank

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