How Do You Optimize a Solar-Battery-Powered Cooler? Pair It With a Solar Table

How Do You Optimize a Solar-Battery-Powered Cooler? Pair It With a Solar Table

Have you ever wondered why it feels cooler to sit in the shade than direct sunlight? In many ways it shouldn't -- you are exposed to the same humidity and atmospheric conditions whether in the sun or out of it. But it still does. Although the air temperature is the same in or out of the shade, the surface temperature can vary by as much as 15° F.

The reason has to do with solar radiation, essentially being bombarded by photons. When sitting in the shade, you aren't being zapped by the Sun's rays so your body feels cooler. In one sense it is cooler;  there is not as much molecular excitement, and temperature is defined as the level of molecular motion. 

The same principle that makes the shade an idea spot to lounge in the summer is what makes the GoSun's Chill operate at its most efficient capacity. When it is placed under the Solar Table, the Chill’s direct surface is not being directly heated, so it does not absorb solar radiation, and therefore does not have to work as hard to keep cold. A side benefit of keeping the Chill out of the Sun is avoiding its ultraviolet rays, which can clause the Chill's plastic surface--or any plastic surface for that matter--to slowly deteriorate. 

Although the air temperature may record the same, the surface temperature of the cooler can be 15 degrees F  hotter, as the surface absorbs solar radiation. This is especially true if the top surface is a not a light color like the GoSun Chill .

GoSun has tested its electric cooler thoroughly and has found that the Chill and the Solar Table can use up to 50 percent less energy than other battery powered coolers of the same size. 

So to sum it up, make sure to keep your coolers in the shade for optimal performance. (You should also make sure your cooler has a white top surface like the Chill does, and we explain why in this blog post).

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