Solar Coolers: Technology and Features

GoSun's Chill can cool things down to 0° F and its battery pack powers the cooler and your other electronic devices.

January 08, 2021 2 min read

solar cooler

A solar cooler is a cooler that runs on energy directly provided by sun and is powered by photovoltaic or solar thermal energy.  This is a very general description and it covers everything from a simple-designed cooler with less space than a camping cooler, all the way up to a massive refrigerator-sized device that can replace your home fridge. We'll get into details, but suffice it to say that one cooler that stands out is GoSun's solar cooler, the Chill.

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GoSun, the company that revolutionized solar cooking through its patented solar technology, is now launching the GoSun Solar Cooler.  Supporting its mission to provide homeowners a way to utilize solar for all their cooking and portable electrical needs and to allow them to be prepared in case of emergencies.  GoSun is introducing a portable, affordable and fuel-free solar-powered cooler/refrigerator/freezer and charging system. The GoSun Chill utilizes energy from the sun to power a highly efficient DC cooler to keep drinks or food cool, or to freeze, eliminating the need for ice for a cooler. 

The Chill is a solar cooler that incorporates a portable solar table that has attachable solar photovoltaic panels and a lightweight, compact battery system, that allows for completely portable power and cooling system. Plus, the shading of the table allows the cooler to stay even colder, even in direct sunlight and operate at temperatures down to -18 degrees c, ( 0 degrees F).  

The Chill is also completely portable, allowing the consumer to fold up the solar table easily and with its built-in wheels and pull out handle-- take it to the beach, while camping, fishing, sailing, or enjoy it in the backyard.

A portable lithium battery pack powers the Chill. The large 150 watt-hour solar power pack of this solar cooler can also power laptops, cell phones, and many other portable accessories, making it the perfect outdoor product to be prepared for a power outage or emergency.


It is important to note, that other portable, battery-electric coolers utilize thermoelectric chips, which can only provide cooling of about 35 degrees from air temperature and cannot produce ice. But by combining the technology of brushless compressor technology, with the insulated air gap canopy, the GoSun Chill can be powered directly by the portable solar panel or the rechargeable lithium battery.  

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See it in action with this video below.


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