Solar Lighting: Charge Your Lights With the Sun

Solar Lighting: Charge Your Lights With the Sun

The best thing about solar lighting is that these lights are easy to install and essentially maintenance free. If you are budget conscious, using them will not increase your electric bill. Common uses for outdoor solar lighting by consumers include pathway light sets, wall-mounted lamps, freestanding lamp posts, and security lights as well.

Solar lighting systems work well in most areas of the United States. Only places with extreme cloud covering or next-to-no sunlight. And solar lighting systems, such as those made by GoSun, are self-contained units. That means you only need to place the lights in a sunny location. 

Below are the best offerings that GoSun has for solar lights. We have everything from a solar flashlight all the way to a complete illumination package that can light up your off-grid home.

Solar Lamp 50

This portable solar light gets its name from its 50 lumen of light. If you don't need that much, the lower setting provides 20 lumens of light for more than 6 hours, which for the vast majority of people is plenty of light for the period after sundown until you rest. It's ideal for reading, cooking or lighting up your home.

 The Solar Lamp 50 weighs only 6 ounces, making it great for backpacking and camping. And it'll work indefinitely because it only requires one full day of sunshine to completely recharge the battery.

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The media has raved about the Solar Lamp 50. Here's what has to say about it.

The SolarLamp 50 is the best all-in-one solar light on the market. Its got everything you need in one simple but powerful lamp. This includes the solar panel, battery, and LED lamp that combine to make the SolarLamp 50. It provides two variations of light brightness. The higher of the two radiates at 50 lumens, which is enough light to fill a room. The lower setting provides 20 lumens of light and is ideal for activities like reading. Not only that, the SolarLamp 50 takes only one-full day of sunshine to completely recharge the battery. And due to its efficient polycrystalline solar panel, it shines for more than six hours on a full charge.

Futurism goes on to note that the SolarLamp 50 can be used in all sorts of situations.

Although SolarLamp 50 can be used for indoor activities like reading, cooking or lighting up your home, it was actually designed for outdoor use. Because of this, it’s the perfect way to make nighttime activities  easier and safer. Weighing only six ounces, the SolarLamp 50 is easy to transport, making it perfect for backpacking and camping. Its size also makes it easy to tuck away in emergency kits for when you’ll really need a dependable light source. Best of all, the SolarLamp 50’s high-quality design and durable construction ensure that your solar light is protected from water and dust. It can even charge outdoors in the rain. Simply put, SolarLamp 50 is an essential too for enjoying the outdoors without being limited by lack of light.



The Solar Light



The Solar Light is a rechargeable flashlight that rivals the best headlamps out there for raw illumination. It packs 280 lumens of on-demand light. It can be recharged with solar energy alone thanks to its integrated solar cell, but you can also plug it into power banks with its USB cord.

There are different settings on the flashlight: lantern mode, spotlight mode, and red strobe emergency mode. If you want to hang it up, it has a magnetic strip for hand's free use.

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Solar Cabin Lights


This lighting set is for getting serious about off-grid illumination. With the Solar Cabin Lights, you can light your home, cabin, workshop, shed or the outdoors itself?

That's because these solar lanterns can light up to four rooms or one large off-grid workshop. If you want to power up the lighting set, they can be charged via USB output.

The kit comes with a solar control box, 8W solar panel, four lamps, and a power cable. The power output is 8 W and total illumination is 600 lumens, with 150 lumens per lamp. 

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