Solar Portable Oven: The GoSun Go

Solar Portable Oven: The GoSun Go

GoSun has a number of incredible solar portable ovens, but we've always had a soft spot in our hearts for the Go. This 2-pound stove is small but tough and our most portable solar oven ever. Using just the Sun, this ultralight solar cooker can bake, roast, steam, and boil anywhere. Solar cooking in clouds and cold? No problem. We love it because it's breakthrough solar technology that's fast, reliable and portable. 

Others have noticed the power and versatility of the Go. It is able to make tasty food in surprisingly large quantities for such a small cooker. Here's what the team at had to say when they tried out our portable solar cooker:

As far as taste goes, we were impressed. The veggies, whether frozen, fresh or canned, were all soft and delicious. Some of the broccoli and potatoes had nice charring for extra flavor, similar to roasting veggies in a standard oven...

Many of the items we tested were chosen based on the booklet included with the GoSun Go. This booklet offers expected cook times for many types of food, which we found were a tad optimistic, yet not completely off. Another claim of this solar oven is that it can hold six hot dogs. After getting a look at the GoSun Go, we thought, “No way! Too small!”…So naturally, we put it to the test.

Guess what? You really can cook for a crowd, even with this small oven, because we were able to jam six hot dogs into it. It wasn’t easy, but it can be done. We placed the oven under a bright, full sun, and they should have taken 10 minutes to cook. After 30 minutes, they were darker, but our resident meat-eater found that they really could have stayed in for even longer. 

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Check out this video to see how easy the GoSun Go is to operate, and everything this two-pound stove can do. 

Here's a transcript of the video:

We build it, you bought it, now it's go time! We want you to have the very best experience with your Go but please pay attention to these details before getting started. First, let's go over what's what so you can get cooking.

While the Go is still closed, it's the best time to open the kickstand and make adjustments to the tilt. This is especially true when you're preparing for the vertical liquid boiling mode.

Be firm but not forceful with the kickstand, pull down to move, and push up to lock into position. Unzip the product fully, don't stop too early. Next, we've integrated a hidden prop stick to hold the reflectors in an open position for stability. When leaning, engaging the prop stick happens with just one finger and only in one direction.

Now you're ready to cook, but remember, do not preheat the GoSun. In other words, don't leave it out in the Sun empty without food inside to be cooked. The GoSun Dial is here to help align your stove. Watch the glare align with the center of the target lines below. Look for the glare, use the kickstand to find the best tilt angle toward the Sun, and rotation is needed about every half hour if you're really trying to maximize performance. Cooking is a piece of cake: food goes in and out of the cooking tray. While holding the handle the cooking tray itself can get very hot, so you don't want to touch their chopped food up or jam pack the Go to fit more.

Use the provided silicone cups to serve several dishes and make the cleanup even easier. If the cooking tray is sliding with some friction, a solid two-handed squeeze helps to keep the tray from expanding. When you're finished cooking, close the reflectors or lean the Go out of the Sun. Again, don't let the GoSun preheat empty in the Sun; keep the unit out of the Sun until you're ready to add water. A super hot pre-heated tube should never see water once the water is hot. Pouring it out is best done by holding the kickstand and the gear loop as shown.

Finally, you've cooked up a feast, tasted some garlic, and your coffee and now it's time to clean. The cleaning brush provided will make this easy, but if you can't find it a paper towel will do. Again, be sure the Go has not been preheating empty in the Sun before adding water but good old fashioned water and soap will do the job. Don't forget to clean the cooking tray after every use. Food juices can flow out onto the case and require a little cleanup. The case and all the Go parts can handle being in water and mild soap. 

We like to think of the Go as a rugged device that can handle a few battle wounds. Let it air dry but it's not dishwasher safe. Cleanliness is helpful to keep your Go performing. Cleaning the finger prints is the biggest job. If you don't like using Windex a microfiber cloth will do the job. To experiment with the universal action mount, you can get accessories that are set up for the GoPro camera attach that to the front of your GoSun Go and find a rail, a bike, a boat, or in this case, a camera tripod to take your Go and cook anywhere on the fly.

Now you're ready, you're set, and it's time to go outside and get cooking.

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