Solar-Powered Coolers vs. Ice Coolers

Solar coolers beat traditional coolers in every way: no ice, no sogginess, no problem.

March 08, 2019 1 min read

Solar-Powered Coolers

Solar-powered coolers offer innumerable advantages over traditional ice coolers. They don't require ice (that means no more soggy food), they truly operate off the grid, and they weigh less than an ice-packed 20 quart cooler.

However, until now virtually none have been viable as truly portable coolers. Before the lithium-ion revolution, solar-powered coolers coolers used heavy lead-acid batteries, which tended to deteriorate, especially in hot climates, or were misused for other purposes. Plus, the batteries had to be replaced approximately every three years, and were disposed of as hazardous waste. If not, they resulted in lead pollution.

GoSun, the company behind the best-selling GoSun grill, has changed everything by releasing the first viable solar-powered cooler. It's a fridge that doesn't have to be plugged in and it's a cooler that never needs ice, keeping your food cold and dry. And a power plant that’s disguised as a table gives you a working surface and provides shade for the fridge.

Solar-powered coolers aren't only for camping. They are excellent devices for emergency preparedness.  When the power goes out, wouldn't it be smart to have a back-up plan to keep food from spoiling? 

The solar-powered cooler is the fuel canister of the future. There's no longer any need to stop at a  gas station or store for ice, and without the need for ice you can now utilize 100% of your cooler space. Try it out to see why more people are switching to solar-powered coolers every day. 

This post is part of our larger information resource on solar coolers. Click here to read our post Solar Fridge Guide: Stay Cool Off The Grid

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