Solar Powered Coolers for 2021

Solar Powered Coolers for 2021


A solar powered cooler is one of the most innovative pieces of technology for outdoor enthusiasts to come along in years. The reasons are simple. First, there is no need for ice. Tired of having food turned into a soggy mush if it isn't protected by three layers of Ziploc bags? Tired of having to drive into town every 24 hours to replenish your supply of ice? A solar powered cooler  is the way to get out of the ice age.

Second, a solar powered cooler can ironically help you to stay more grid connected by being able to recharge your electronic devices. In the case of the GoSun Chill (more on that below), it is powered by a portable lithium battery pack. The large 150 watt-hour solar power pack can also power laptops, cell phones, and many other portable accessories, making it the perfect outdoor product to be prepared for a power outage or emergency. The detachable power bank packs enough juice to charge your phone 20 times over.

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Third, the highest-end models can be charged off the grid in only a few hours. In the case of the Chill, you can recharge the battery with the solar table, equipped with a 60w panel that delivers a full charge in just three hours and keeps the cooler shaded.

Here's a video to give you more details.

In this age of solar innovation, why are we still investing in coolers that try to prevent ice from melting when we don't even need the ice?

Thanks to technological breakthroughs with brushless compressors, solar energy, and lithium storage, the GoSun Chill can run off-grid all day keeping drinks cold and food fresh. You can choose your desired temperature, allowing for it to be cold enough to store frozen food. Beyond sealing your fridge, the battery is detachable so you have power whenever and wherever you need it.

The Powerbank comes with the light three USB ports for charging electronic devices and a 15 amp car adapter to run accessories. When energy is abundant just plug into the nearest outlet or car adapter and you'll have a fridge in the RV boat car or garage. Everything you need is stored onboard so you'll know where to find it.

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Go up grid with the GoSun Solar Table, which can keep the power bank charged indefinitely, plus you get a surface for cooking and eating if space is limited. We also offer a flexible 30 watt solar panel that attaches to the handle. When you're ready to move everything, it clips to the chill and rolls a versatile cold storage system.

The tempered glass surface absorbs the sun's ray, making this 60W collapsible solar table serve up all your energy needs by holding your serving plates while powering your electronic devices. With a light frame that easily folds up, the table can charge laptops, tablets, cameras, phones, and lights – or even power your GoSun Cooler or Fusion.

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