This Solar Table Revolutionizes The Camping Table

This Solar Table Revolutionizes The Camping Table

Solar panels can be put on just about anything, and when a product is designed right, you can take any old stationary object and turn it into a min-power plant. At GoSun we are constantly inventing new appliances along these lines. One day we thought to ourselves, "Why not reinvent the camping table? It's stationary, sits in the Sun all day, and has a wide surface area. Embed solar panels in there and it's the perfect off-grid power generating device." 

So we put those ideas into action and created the Solar Table-60, a table topped with a 60-watt solar panel that turns your surface into a power plant. It charges almost anything. This includes your phone, your solar oven, your battery bank, or any other USB-enabled electronic device.

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Gosun's Solar Table is a 60-watt solar panel that turns a table into a mini renewable energy plant for GoSun's power banks. Just plug the Powerbank into the table and capture the abundant energy from the day sun when you're not using it as a table.

Optimize your collection of solar rays by angling the solar panel towards the

sun. When it's time to pack up just unlock the braces and the table folds down. This eight square foot table top can go with you anywhere because it's made of tough tempered glass and aluminum.

The Solar Table integrates seamlessly with GoSun's off-grid kitchen, consisting of our lineup of incredible solar products (especially our flagship solar cooker, the Fusion). How does it work? Simple. Cook using our hybrid solar oven diffusion on top of the table while underneath is ideal summer shade for our portable solar cooler, the GoSun Chill. Run these off-grid thanks to the table's built-in solar module.

You can even use it as a backup generator in the case of a power outage. Here's what one customer said: "I like that it goes with my GoSun Chill and it will be used for emergency back up power and for beach outings."


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Want to see the Solar Table in action? Here's a video.  



Let's get down into the details. Here are the technical specs of the Solar Table-60:

• Weight: 18.5 lb (8.4kg)

• Dimensions: 48" L x 27" H x 19-27" W

• Aluminum + stainless steel

• Provides surface and shade

• Perfect for beachboating, and cookouts

The Solar Table has all sorts of uses, but one we especially love is using the table while camping on the beach. If you prefer milder climates, it can also be used as a coffee table or a desk. Don't worry - the Solar Table is plenty sturdy and can handle about 75 pounds. However, it isn't indestructible, so don't treat it like a piece of playground equipment or try to sit on it. 

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