Summer Tech: The Best Solar Gadgets

Summer Tech: The Best Solar Gadgets

Now is a great time to try out some new summer tech. As Amy Iverson notes -- the summer months are a great time to test out everything form iOS updates that allow you to stream karaoke songs to electric coolers. Here are a few GoSun products that we think represents the best in summer tech.

Summer Tech Item #1: The Electric Cooler



The first item that is perfect for hot weather is the GoSun Chill, an electric cooler with a massive battery bank that doesn't need ice and has custom temperature controls. GoSun Chill is portable, efficient, and ice-free. Use the sun to keep your food cold or frozen. No ice means 2x more room for food and drinks when compared with coolers of equal dimensions.


Summer Tech Item #2: The Fusion

Using nothing but the sun to cook your food has never been easier with the Fusion. Create hot meals anytime, anywhere, with the highest efficiency hybrid solar oven on the planet. You can even power its lithium ion battery at night with a solar panel.

The GoSun Fusion’s Hybrid Solar + Electric Technology enables cooking freedom thanks to the oven's vacuum tube, known for its advanced thermal performance. The Fusion is five times more efficient than a normal oven and cooks meals with only the energy needed to power a lightbulb, using 150Watts at 12 Volt DC.

Portable and rugged, GoSun lets you cook in more scenarios than ever before without a drop of fuel. 


Summer Tech Item #3: SolarLight

Flashlights are essential for camping or making your face creepily terrifying during a campfire story. But alkaline batteries are about the most unreliable source of power and run out of juice at the worst possible time. That's why a solar flashlight is the way to stay illuminated all summer long.

This rechargeable flashlight packs 280 lumens of on-demand light. With an integrated solar cell is has the ability to recharge. It has a lantern mode to make it a small solar lantern, It also has spotlight ability and you can engage emergency mode.

The solar panel is designed to extend the battery life. To fully recharge the battery quickly, use the USB charge port, or connect to a larger solar panel.

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