The Best Foldable Travel Cutlery Set For 2021

The Best Foldable Travel Cutlery Set For 2021

There's a growing need for reusable flatware that cuts down on the literal tons of plastic waste produced by single-use cutlery, which is why GoSun created Flatware, what we consider to be the best foldable travel cutlery set for 2021. 

We can toot our own horn all day long (and we have broken down the advantages of Flatware in previous articles like this) but we wanted to feature reviews from other companies and satisfied customers to show you that this opinion is widely shared.

Here's what our friends at Core 77 have to say about GoSun Flatware. 

Seeking to tackle the problem of single-use plastic utensils, GoSun looked at the existing alternatives, which are primarily designed for camping. GoSun's designers found these were difficult to clean, and had no carrying cases; who wants to use these, then throw them into a bag or pocket?

Thus they designed GoSun Flatware, which comes in a handy case for transport.  the utensils slide completely apart for cleaning (as you can see in the vid below).



 We appreciate all the great reviews we've gotten like that. Want to know more? Here's a breakdown of some of the specs of GoSun Flatware.

But, in the immortal words of Levar Burton, don't take our words for it. Check out the reviews of GoSun Flatware from our very satisfied customers:

I love how compact it is and that it’s easy to clean! It will take some time getting used to the spoon since it’s not as deep as I’m used to with traditional utensils but it’s worth it when it saves on plastic use. Now I just have to remember to tell restaurants - ‘No Plastic Utensils Please’ when placing my food order. I ordered extra for stocking stuffers and future birthday gifts.

-- Cherly L.

Flatware is meant to be a gift. I bought a pair for myself, of course, but I gifted many. This resulted in 12 friends swearing an oath to never use plastic utensils ever again. Thhis is so flat that it fit anywhere. Thus, no excuse remains to not have them around. The whole planet isn't saved just yet, but this is a very good step in that direction.

-- Manuel R. 

I love how convenient they are! They take so little space that they’re always handy when needed. There are times when you just have pockets available, and these take so little space, yet just take a few moments to be ready for use. We love them!

-- Sharon J. 

I love the compact size and versatility. I use mine everyday for my work lunches and had used it for carry-out food as well. Very useful and handy to have around, and the slim size makes it easy to carry even in your pocket. -- Juliet B.

When I saw this product originally, I knew exactly how I would use it. My wallet has several pockets and I would put the flatware in there and forget about it, till I need it. This is exactly what I’ve done and so far I’ve used the flatware a few times including a KFC meal where no cutlery was provided. Instead of going back to the counter to get some, I pulled out the flatware and was able to finish my meal. Going forward, I know the flatware is always available when I need it wherever I am.

-- Ash A.  

There you have it. A number of people who believe this is the best foldable travel cutlery set you can buy. Why wait? Check out GoSun's Flatware now. 

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