The Best Gifts for Backpackers in 2021

The Best Gifts for Backpackers in 2021

A good gift for a backpacker is something that is, above all else, portable, but improves the camping experience. You need to be able to cook food, eat, and get access to a source of light when you are far from civilization.

But since its 2021, backpacking gifts don't have to be the same thing that campers used 30 years ago. No longer do you need a bulky Coleman stove or flashlights that require 4 D-cell batteries and weigh as much as your tent. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery revolution, portable electric devices have never been so useful. Throw in a portable solar panel, and you have enough electricity to last off the grid forever. 
GoSun has designed products with such a philosophy in mind, and we believe that we offer the best possible gifts on earth for backpackers. Whether you want to brew coffee, cook delicious food, light up your campsite with a solar powered flashlight, or eat with foldable utensils, GoSun has you covered.
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Need a stocking stuffer for a backpacker in your family? Here are five ideas that won't weigh the backpack down and improve the backpacking experience. Best of all, many of these gifts for backpacking use electricity, but thanks to their solar panels and batteries require no grid connectivity whatsoever. Let's check out what's available!


GoSun Brew

The GoSun Brew is the ultimate off-grid coffee machine for backpackers on the go.

With GoSun Brew, all you need for an incredible cup of coffee is coffee grinds, water and a 12 volt outlet - which you can find in the GoSun Powerbank.  

There’s so much to love about GoSun Brew: 

  • Holds 12oz, plenty to last all morning
  • Fits in car cup holder within easy reach of your 12V outlet
  • Keeps drinks hot for hours
  • Easy to clean stainless steel Mug is safe to hand was
  • BPA free Lid is safe in dishwasher.
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Camping cutlery is annoying. Bringing enough to last more than a few days takes up too much space. They break easily in your backpack. Most people bring along plastic utensils that quickly fill up your trash can and scatter around the campsite. Worse yet, they are an environmental disaster.

Others prefer stainless stell. But they are also bulky and annoying. Who wants to get poked by a fork when digging around in their backpack?

So what can we do? We can make a better, more sustainable choice with our camping cutlery! Here is GoSun's solution  to combat the single-use plastic problem, and keep the whales - and oceans - happy and healthy for years to come.

GoSun's Flatware replaces single-use plastic utensils. It's the only reusable utensil set that can actually fit into your wallet, so you don't need to remember to bring it with you. With Flatware, you'll never have to reach for the single-use plastic again. You can easily fold the cutlery up. It is useful and takes up almost no space.

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Solar Flashlight

A solar flashlight is one of the best gifts for backpackers you can give. It doesn't depend on energy-sucking batteries and won't die on you when you need it most.

From an environmental standpoint they are completely carbon neutral. They can be used in remote conditions where it is impossible to find any source of power.

GoSun's Solar Flashlight is the perfect addition to your kit. It has multiple modes, including a lantern mode for maximum illumination. It has a built-in rechargeable battery so that you can recharge with either your GoSun charger or trickle charge it by using the Sun. Plus the USB adapter on the flashlight means that it too can be an alternate charging source for your portable goods.

It packs 280 lumens of on-demand light It also has spotlight ability and you can engage emergency mode.

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Solar Charger


The GoSun Solar Panel 10 is a solar charger that easily folds up and produces an incredible amount of electricity to charge all your USB devices. It can charge up your phone with its built-in USB port at least as fast at your plug-in outlet.

Here are some more specs:

 Weight: 0.65 lb (0.3kg)

 Power output: 10 Watts

 Dimensions: 7" L x 10.5" W x .02" D

 Weather-resistant, collapsible design

 Perfect for backpackingcamping, and daily use 

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GoSun Go

This is how you cook while backpacking. Forget building fires or lugging around a stove that takes gas cannisters. A lightweight solar oven that can go anywhere with you, the GoSun Go lets you ditch cooking fuel and still bake, boil, fry, steam or roast in almost any weather.


 Works the same year-round; the tube's insulation means there's no temperature too cold to cook—and it'll still work, even on a cloudy day

 2 lb. protected package zips into a durable EVA foam hardshell case

 Cooks most meals in 20-30 min. with a 13.5oz/400ml capacity

 Once heated, liquids stay hot and ready for hours

 Cooking from 360° so there's no reason to worry about burning

 Includes: solar vacuum tube, built-in hard shell zipper case, GoSun dial, stainless steel cooking tray, silicone cap, silicone GoSun cooking pans, scrubby brush for cleaning

 Heats up to 550°F

Weight: 2 pounds


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 Want to know more about what you can cook in your solar oven? Check out this short video to see how it all comes together. 


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