GoSun Users Discuss The Best Solar Oven For a Power Outage

GoSun Users Discuss The Best Solar Oven For a Power Outage

What is the best GoSun model to have on hand when the grid goes down? This is a complicated question and depends on the number of people in your household, your cooking needs, the amount of sun in your hometown, and many other factors. 

Rather than list those factors here, we thought we'd turn to the GoSun community to see what they have to say about relying exclusively on their GoSun when the power goes out. Here's the original question from a GoSun customer (questions and answers have been lightly edited for clarity):

What would be a good model of the oven to have on hand if the grid goes down? There are three of us in the house... One of the things we would need to be able to do is boil water for tea (my mom drinks a lot of tea). I see the Sport has a brewing accessory; does it work as advertised? I've never cooked in a solar cooker so are there limits when it comes to foods that can be cooked? How do you get things crispy without burning?

Great answer! Here are some answers from the community. 

 In a 48-hour emergency blackout after a storm, I used my various solar cookers.... For three people, the Fusion and the Sport would be handy. The Go is a useful little solar kettle and holds enough water for one mug or two cups of tea. 

Great thinking! Here's the second answer.  

The Grill is my mainstay. It cooks for 6 - 8 people and fits 2 custom meatloaf pans, with each holding 1.5 liters. It also includes a bottom and top rack for each pan.

Here are two more answers:

Use the Fusion or Grill if you can get one. The Sport deluxe is also good. I like the GoSun Go for water for tea. I use the Sport for other things like meats. I also have other cookers I use. Sometimes we don't have sun, so then as a backup, we have a propane camp stove.
I have both the Grill and the Sport but probably use the Grill more. I use little cast iron pans to make meat or pie crust crisp. The Sport is great when you want to cook faster since it does not have to warm up like the Grill. Baking bread or muffins are better in the Grill. Also, you get more volume in the Grill, which would make it better for three people
As you can see, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Different circumstances require different grills. Hopefully, this customer feedback helps you figure out with GoSun solar oven is right for you.
Which one would you use in a power outage?


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