The Best Solar Oven is a Simple Solar Oven

The Best Solar Oven is a Simple Solar Oven

Which solar oven is the best solar oven? What is the best design—should I get
a box or parabolic cooker? What cooks food the fasted at the cheapest price point?
Those might be the wrong questions to ask. We think the best solar oven is the easiest to use. To explain why, allow us to digress a bit into the philosophy of simplicity.
In a world inundated with technology, one can be swept away with the blinking lights, and lose sight of the bigger picture. As the world becomes more adept at technology, it is up to the creators of these new products to keep in mind that working better, doesn't always mean more complicated. Sometimes the best technologies are those which simplify everyday tasks, with a behind the scenes complex design.

There are many types of high-tech items which are complex, but create simple solutions without being complicated to use. On the other hand, there are many ways that technology can fail; making a problem worse, while creating unnecessary complications. Being complex does not mean being complicated. Customers within the marketplace today are looking for solutions to their problems. Whether it's solar cooking a quick meal, or an app that organizes their daily chaotic schedule, they want simple.

Simple for the end user, doesn't mean the products they use are low-tech or not complex internally. The complexities within their working system, create the end result which is a simple easy-to-use and high-tech solution or product. As a contributor to the bettering of our world as a whole, and a key player in making a difference on a global scale, we must understand how to work smarter, not harder and create real world solutions. There are many global issues where complicated is a daily occurrence, due to resource shortages and other obstacles, so let's keep simplistic design in mind! Global food shortages and poisoning from smoke inhalation are largely complex issues that can be solved by using high impact, yet simple to use products - such as the GoSun Stove, what we think is the best solar oven. 

The GoSun Stove has many parts that make the system complex in nature. The stove uses solar energy within the evacuated tube, which uses high-tech materials. The sleek and simple design features make the GoSun stove easy to use. The complex materials make the GoSun powerful and able to create a solution to a real global issue. without a lot of excessive technology or unnecessary materials. The sleek and simplistic design overall has an appealing characteristic for the every day consumer, but also provides a real world solution by using simplistic elements with a powerful punch.

By working smarter and thinking about what elements are truly important to solving a problem, product designers can create more technology that has a greater widespread impact on the world rather than those that merely add to the chaos. 
In short, we think GoSun stoves are the best solar oven because they are the easiest solar oven.
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