The Best Solar Powerbank To Charge Devices Off-Grid

The Best Solar Powerbank To Charge Devices Off-Grid

Solar powerbanks are charging the world's lithium-ion devices like never before. These are small and portable battery packs connected to a solar panel, wrapped in a compact shell. Most can charge a smartphone a few times, enough to last a long-haul flight or a weekend off the grid.

Solar banks share a similar makeup (battery, solar panel) but from there major differences emerge. Some solar powerbanks have small batteries that only charge your phone once or twice. Others can charge a phone five to seven times. 

In this article we'll explore some of the best powerbanks on the market. We think GoSun's Powerbank + Solar Panel 30 combo is the best on the market and we'll explain why at the end of this article.

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Here are a few other chargers, as chosen by our friends at Earth Techling

The Blavor Qi Portable Charger has solar panels that work well even in low light, and the flashlights are very bright. It’s wrapped in a durable shell with a non-slip grip and easy to use on an everyday basis.

It’s got 10,000mAh of capacity – enough to recharge your smartphone a couple of times. The battery pack can be fully charged in 6 hours. A small LED indicates if the device is charging via the solar panel. There are also LEDs to show the amount of battery life.

For smaller powerbanks, the BESWILL 8000mAh Solar Charger is a good item. This power bank weighs just 7.8 ounces and 3 inches wide and 5 ½ inches tall. It’s perfect for tossing in a backpack or medium-sized purse. At 8000mAh, it can charge your smartphone 1 to 2 times but will have a hard time fully charging a tablet. This powerbank is ideal for day or weekend trips where you’ll need to keep your phone battery topped up while out and about.

GoSun's Powerbank and Solar Panel 30: The Best Solar Panel/Battery Combo on the Market

At GoSun, we invent cutting-edge solar products all the time, and we think our Powerbank is the best solar powerbank on the market. Combine it with our Solar Power 30 charger, and you have unlimited energy, anywhere in the world.

With our Powerbank, you can charge your phone up to ten times or run other USB or 12V devices.  Charge the Powerbank with 30 watts of sunshine via a folding module in one day.  With this much energy you can power other GoSun appliances, such as the Fusion, letting you cook an entire meal for up to five people, or run our electric fridge, the Chill, all day.

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Specs for Powerbank/Solar Panel 30

  • Weight: 3.5 lb (total)
  • Ports: 12V up to 15A Carport, 4 x USB ports
  • Capacity: 144wh Lithium Ion, 38,000mAH
  • Solar Panel: 30Watt Output, 12V
  • LED Flashlight: 200 lumens
  • Perfect for backpacking, camping, and daily use

User Reviews

I use this panel to charge both the Powerbank and the mini bank. I use the larger one to charge my laptop and the smaller one to charge my cell phone on a daily basis! I highly recommend!  --Lisa F.

Quality solar panels. I use it for back up phone charging and solar lights. I also plan to purchase the fusion solar cooker which will run off this battery. We now are using solar lights around the house since electric bills in our state have sky rocketed! -- John S. 

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