The Chillest Makes an Outdoor Party Possible Anywhere on Earth

The Chillest Makes an Outdoor Party Possible Anywhere on Earth

Having a great outdoor party doesn't take much, but it does take food, drink, and music. That means you need a cooler and speakers. But lugging a huge cooler out to the middle of nowhere with soggy bags of ice is a drag. That's why GoSun Chillest is your best friend when it comes to throwing an outdoor party.

What is the Chillest? It's the ultimate solar powered refrigeration system. this electric solar-powered cooler lets you cool and freeze anything you want for hours without using any ice. The Chillest doesn’t just chill your food and drinks, it keeps them frozen! 

The dual cooling zones mean you have a freezer and fridge in the same device. You can set the temperature for each side anywhere from -4°F to 68°F (-20°C to 20°C) using the included App and touch buttons. You’ll enjoy the coldest beer in camp and frozen ice cream ready for dessert.

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Stay dry and organized

Coolers are a pain in the ice. Cut your reliance on pesky ice for a more organized cold storage device, and never have soggy sandwiches or spoiled food during your trip.

Dual cooling zones with temp control

The Chillest has a freezer and fridge in the same device! Set the temperature for each side anywhere from -4°F to 68°F (-20°C to 20°C) and you’ll enjoy the coldest beer in camp and frozen ice cream for dessert.

Bring the Party Anywhere!

Nothing enhances time outside like some tunes! Our optional Bluetooth speaker kicks out amazing sounds while connecting to your smartphone from up to 50 feet away.

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The Chillest has other great features. All-terrain wheels help you maneuver over uneven ground. It also includes extras like inside lighting, tie down straps and internal baskets to organize your supplies. The Chillest even has a mount that can also hold an umbrella whenever you need some shade. It has a lot going on here.

“We wanted to design a cooler that could truly be the life of the party,” said GoSun Founder Patrick Sherwin. “Building on our experience with solar-powered outdoor products, we took what Coolest Cooler couldn’t achieve, and made it a reality.”

Chillest is an iceless cooler meaning things stay clean, dry, and organized - no more soggy sandwiches, spoiled food, nasty mess, or daily journeys to buy ice while camping. It includes both cooling and freezing zones with exact temperature control, controlled via app and touch buttons, ranging from -4°F to 68°F. The result? You can have a cold beer on the beach and a frozen margarita for dessert.

The lightweight and very portable cooler makes less power go a lot further with the most advanced, all-electric brushless DC compressor technology. It has multiple options to keep it charged up and cold (none of which require ice).


Chillest Features


  • Solar Power: GoSun’s new solar table attaches directly to your chillest to power the device indefinitely.
  • Internal Battery: Has an internal battery that can keep foods and drinks cool for up to 10 hours on a single charge.
  • AC/DC: Plug into AC or DC as an extra fridge during emergencies, for days out on a boat, or as the ideal fridge/freezer for your van or RV.
  • External Battery: Increase your charge time with GoSun’s Power Bank, extending chill time for weekend trips

“At GoSun, we’re passionate about providing innovative solar products and appliances that let people ditch their reliance on ice and fuel, to enjoy the comforts of home anywhere,” said Sherwin. “Whether you like to travel off-grid or chill in the backyard, our gear is designed to help you enjoy that time. Chillest is no exception. While Chill keeps food cold, frozen, dry, and organized with no ice required, Chillest does all that while providing everything else you need for a fun day or weekend in the outdoors.”

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