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The Fusion is 'Built for the Apocalypse'

The Fusion is 'Built for the Apocalypse'

Since its debut last year at the 2019 CES, the Fusion has been getting rave reviews as the only solar oven capable of cooking day or night. Here are some of the highlights from around the web. 

Engadget: This portable, solar-powered oven was built for the apocalypse

Thanks to its unique design, which uses a vacuum tube to hold the ingredients, the Fusion also gives you the benefit of being able to make meals that typically wouldn't work well outdoors. For example, you can make or heat up some bread, or you can even do a bit of deep frying. In addition to that, the device can be paired with other green devices, like a powerbank to charge your phone or a 20-watt foldable solar panel.

The Fusion isn't only good for people who are prepping for the apocalypse, but also those who want something different than a traditional grill for camping trips. What's more, there's nothing keeping you from using it inside your home, in case you want to use it instead of your oven or pressure cooker. With CES announcing that a big focus for the year would be resilience technology, GoSun's solar oven and cooler are going to fit right in at the show.

New Atlas: GoSun's Hybrid Solar/Electric Oven Cooks Day and Night

GoSun's line of solar-powered ovens has been feeding campers and outdoorsy people for several summers, but there's one big problem to cooking with the power of the Sun – half the time it's gone. To extend the cookouts to all hours, the company has now whipped up the GoSun Fusion, which adds an electric heating element to the device.

The GoSun Fusion is described as a hybrid solar/electric oven. You can still cook with the Sun of course, but the new integrated electric heating element beneath the cook tray means you don't have to chase the last fading rays of sunlight for a hot dinner. GoSun says the Fusion is able to cook just as quickly as a conventional oven, but is five times more energy efficient.

Treehugger: No Sun? Get a GoSun Fusion solar cooker and live better electrically

The GoSun Fusion probably won’t save the world, but the design thinking behind it might.

It is a perfect example of this TreeHugger’s mantra: Reduce Demand instead of increasing supply. It is also an example of the kind of design thinking that we need everywhere. They do it all with “ultra-efficiency”:

  • Reduce Power Consumption - you'd need a generator for most ovens
  • Reduce Weight - less power to fuel the oven, means less stuff to carry
  • Retain Heat and Moisture - meals stay hot and juicy for hours thanks to vacuum insulation and high-temp silicone seals
  • Off-Grid - the Fusion can be powered by a PowerBank that fits in your pocket

Seriously, that is how we should be designing houses and cars, not just solar stoves.

Digital Trends: GoSun Fusion Combines Solar Power With Electric Heating For Outdoor Cooking

[The Fusion] goes a bit beyond solar power. Rather than relying exclusively on our favorite star to provide power, the Fusion integrates an electric heating element, which is to say, it fuses solar power with more traditional cooking power.

GoSun Debuts The ‘Solar Kitchen’ So You Can Cook (and Chill) Around The Clock

If you think solar-powered cooking is something you can only do when the sun is out, think again. That’s because GoSun, the company which got its start five years ago when it debuted its first solar oven on Kickstarter, has evolved its product line to what is essentially a fully self-contained “solar kitchen” that can cook (or chill) at any time of the day or night.


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