The Future of Green Tech

The Future of Green Tech

GoSun has big plans for the future. On April 22 (Earth Day) our CEO Patrick Sherwin discussed the future of green tech with Meghan Quinn from Arrow Electronics and the role that GOSun will be playing there.

Check out the video below to hear more about GoSun’s products, crowdfunding campaign success, and how green tech is evolving. Come celebrate Earth Day with us and get inspired from this special online event!


Joining GoSun with the Future of Green Tech

Because of you, our rock star customers, GoSun has seen incredible growth over the past few years. Now, we are ready to scale. Here's why:

  • Solid traction in mainstream markets
  • Clean Tech and Outdoor Recreation are growing rapidly
  • Innovative Process for new product development that involves you, our customers
  • Lean, experienced and tight knit team

The good news is that you can do more to get involved. You can now be a part of GoSun's journey via our Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on

Click here to invest.

Ultimately, what do we believe at GoSun? We believe in creating access. That means access to clean power, clean water, a brighter future, and access to own a piece of GoSun.

Everyone should be able to invest in the ideas that could become the great businesses of tomorrow and that companies like GoSun should be able to raise money from people that believe in them most.

According to the CEO of Rock Creek,  climate change investments are those opportunities. Unlike most solar companies, GoSun focuses on portable durable products that meet your essential needs like cooking, cooling, cleaning, and purifying water.

Our products don't compromise convenience or performance, they are simply better than the status quo. Just like how Tesla is a better car, people buy those  products because they are more efficient more useful and much better.

So why are they better? Well, we cook without fuel smoke or fire, we keep food and drinks cold without ice, we charge your cell phone and laptop without grid or generator power, and we brew coffee in an all-in-one travel mug without a stove

Because we like to keep you going strong, we purify water with only sunshine, we offer a tiny house that does not need grid power or water service (so it can be put anywhere while still bringing the comfort and performance of home), and now we're bringing you a series of portable solar generators that will make the noisy gas generator obsolete.

All this technology is ultra efficient and versatile so it runs on solar as well as being powered by lithium-ion 12-volt and AC power.

Our development team has the experience and know-how to get products to production quickly and our marketing team knows how to get ROI.

We have to figure out how to stop burning stuff. It's time to let the sun be our primary source of energy on the planet. The solar boom has arrived.