GoSun Flow Purifies Water

GoSun Flow Purifies Water

GoSun recently launched the Flow, a solar-powered water purifier that is small enough to fit in a backpack but produces enough clean water to wash your dishes or even take a show.

It's the world's first portable solar-powered purifier yet small enough to fit in a backpack. Instead of manual pumping, a USB-powered pump enables the delivery of water to wherever you need it. For good measure, it includes a power bank that supplies to power the pump but can also run off a mobile phone or be charged directly by a solar charger (like this). 


Energy Live News has a rundown of how effectively the Flow does its job:

The purification of one liter of water is estimated to take approximately one minute.
Patrick Sherwin, Founder and CEO of GoSun, said: “We believe that now is the time to work together, innovate, and create products that make the world cleaner and more resilient.
“Being able to function and adventure during the Covid-19 pandemic is becoming critical, so GoSun is working to help fuel our customers’ outings and keep them safe. Now, with a kitchen sink that fits in your backpack, you’re able to have freshwater on-demand, when you are away from home.”

Not bad for something the size of a small kitchen appliance. 


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