GoSun Sizzle: The Most Powerful Solar Oven Available

GoSun Sizzle: The Most Powerful Solar Oven Available

GoSun's solar ovens are already the best on the planet. They are lightweight and portable, but powerful enough to feed an entire family any food that can be cooked in a conventional kitchen. Nothing proves this better than the Fusion, GoSun's flagship cooker, a hybrid solar/electric oven runs on sunshine or 12 volts that can bake, steam, or cook anything, day or night.

But we don't like to rest on our laurels. GoSun is always working on the bleeding edge of solar, battery-powered technology. That's why we developed the Sizzle, the most powerful, fuel-free oven of all time. This brand new solar powered oven can cook for six people in less than 30 minutes.

That's right -- it approaches the cooking capacity of a conventional oven despite weighing hundreds of pounds less, not needing a 220-volt connection, and being powered by nothing but sunshine.

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You can cook food like you would on a campfire with none of the pesky smoke, dangerous flames, or a nasty clean up job. Sounds like smoke and mirrors? To be precise, it's actually steam and mirrors, but we get your point.  

To show you how easily the Sizzle utilizes solar power like no other solar oven, take a look at this video to see it in action.


How it Works

Sizzle runs on the GoSun Fusion evacuated tube, with near-perfect vacuum insulation so that you can cook in any weather. With over four liters of volume, the stainless steel Cooking Tray also has an electric backup so you can continue to cook at night or indoors.

The Sizzle was designed by GoSun's lead investor and resident rocket scientist Glen MacGilivray (we aren't exagerrating here -- Glenn is a neutron radiographer and nuclear fuel scientist).

By unfolding a massive reflector and pointing it at the Sun, this acrylic, parabolic mirror focuses the sun like no other solar cooker on the market. 

You can adjust the temperature or cook time just by opening or closing the reflectors. Plus, you can store a hot, juicy meal for hours.

The Sizzle operates on many of the same principles as the Fusion. It heats a vacuum-sealed tube with a pair of large parabolic reflectors that collect solar rays and concentrate the energy onto the tube, heating up food inside. It also runs on the same connection as the Fusion and can be powered from any 12V (15A) power source, including the Power 144 or 266.

The difference is a larger pair of parabolic reflectors that kicks out 325 W compared to the Fusion's 225 W. Even when the Sun isn't out, a built-in heating element can be connected to a 12-volt power source, heating up the tube in cloudy weather or at night.

It is slightly larger than the Fusion, weighing in at 14 pounds (6.3 kg) and measuring 25 x 24 x 16 in (63.5 x 60 x 40 cm). But the Sizzle, like all other GoSun ovens, is designed for portability. The folding reflectors can be packed down for transport or storage.

Check out this chart to see how the Sizzle compares to GoSun's other solar cookers.

Weight 14 lbs 7 lbs 2 lbs 22 lbs
Dimensions 23" x 13" x 13" 24" x 16" x 12" 14.17" x 7" x 3.37" 25" x 24" x 16"
Cook time 60 minutes 20 minutes 20-45 minutes 30 minutes
Meals per load 4-6 2-3 1 4-6
Max Temperature 550 ºF 550 ˚F 550 ºF 550 ºF
Capacity 145 oz 39 oz 13.5 oz 145 oz
Works under clouds Yes Yes Yes Yes
Works at night Yes No No Yes (Hybrid)


The Sizzle comes with a one year, no-risk guarantee. We are sure that you will love this incredible new solar oven.

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Proof the Sizzle is the Most Powerful Solar Oven

Don't believe us that the Sizzle is the most powerful solar oven you can currently buy? Turns out it's been independently verified by Solar Cookers International (SCI).

The group, responding to requests from cooks, agencies, and manufacturers, created an objective, scientific process to evaluate solar cookers called the Performance Evaluation Process (PEP) in order to objectively and scientifically evaluate how a solar cooker performs. 

They compared the standard cooking power in watts of multiple solar cookers, including the Sizzle, the Fornelia Mini, the StarFlower (which isn't currenlty available), the Glenergy Solar Cooker, and many others. 

Here are their results


As you can see, the GoSun Sizzle is the most powerful solar oven available by nearly 10 watts and nearly double the power of other commercial solar cookers, like the Haines 1. 

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