The Solar Table That Charges Your Phone

The Solar Table That Charges Your Phone

GoSun is always innovating to provide you with more independence. That's why we developed the Solar Table-60, a table topped with a 60-watt solar panel that turns your surface into a power plant that charges your phone, your solar oven, your battery bank, or any other USB-enabled electronic device.

GoSun's compact solar table is made of tough tempered glass and aluminum, making it highly portable and durable. Its adjustable height surface provides an 8-square-foot area that can be used for meal prep. The bottom of the table becomes a shelter from rain or Sun. You'll want to pair it with GoSun's Power Bank, which plugs into the table's long power cord to charge during the day.

 Want to see it in action? Here it is. 



Here are some specs of the Solar Table-60:

  • Weight: 18.5 lb (8.4kg)
  • Dimensions: 48" L x 27" H x 19-27" W
  • Aluminum + stainless steel
  • Provides surface and shade
  • Perfect for beach, boating, and cookouts

The solar table can also be used to charge the Power Bank while folded. If you do this, have it angled perpendicular to the Sun. The table also provides critical summer shade for the GoSun Chill, a portable solar cooler, and a great surface for our Fusion hybrid solar oven. These appliances are kept running off-grid thanks to the table's built-in solar module to set up find a flat area in the Sun.

We love using the table while camping on the beach. It can also be used as a coffee table or a desk. The Solar Table-60 solar table can handle about 75 pounds so while the table is sturdy, it's not indestructible (i.e.-- don't sit on it). 

Stay tuned as we work on accessories for your solar table and off-grid kitchen. GoSun thanks you for being part of the fuel-free frontier



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