The Weekly GoSun Solar Oven Round-Up (11.9.2018)

The Weekly GoSun Solar Oven Round-Up (11.9.2018)

New to the blog this week, we are going to start bringing you a weekly solar oven round-up! A collection of the best photos, videos, articles, tweets and etc about GoSun from around the internet! Post your photos for a chance to get featured, and don't forget to tag GoSun.

brycemeister_e via Instagram! Cabbage, bacon rice and two poached eggs.


Above two photos via Pierre Gat in the GoSun Community Kitchen.

Two above shots are from Karey Harrison from the GoSun Community Kitchen!

A delicious roast from Greg Saxe! Via the GoSun Community Kitchen.

Pork Tenderloin & Fingerling Potatoes using the GoSun Sport from Wiley from Learn To BBQ!

Above three photos from Jon Sund via Gosun Community Kitchen