Best Solar Oven of 2019

Best Solar Oven of 2019

There are many types of solar oven designs. There's the simple panel cooker, made up of nothing more than a heat absorbing pot and a reflective non-metallic panel. More advanced are parabolic cookers, shaped like a satellite dish. They use a reflective dish to concentrate large amount so sunlight onto a cook

Each design has its strength and weaknesses. Some are portable but take a long time to heat up food and water (panel cookers). Parabolic cookers work faster but have poor performance in variable light conditions.

That's why we think the GoSun Fusion is great -- it has all the advantages of different types of solar cookers but none of the weaknesses. In fact, we believe it is the best solar oven of 2019.

Released in September 2019 after years of development and releasing over 35,000 solar ovens, GoSun designed the Fusion to do what no other commercially available cooker can do. It is the world's first portable, solar-powered electric oven to work off-grid. This versatile cooker is five times more efficient than a traditional electric oven.

Here's another way to understand what's so great about the Fusion. First, it's incredibly efficient.

Instead of using 1,500 Watts like a toaster oven, the Fusion consumes 150 Watts, only 1/10th the power.  

Second, it's versatile. The Fusion cooks with parabolic reflectors that can build up heat to 550 degrees and keep it trapped with vacuum tubes. The Fusion can be recharged by a solar panel or a solar power bank, which lets it cook at night (something literally impossible with any other solar cooker). It even comes with an optional wireless thermometer to let you known when your food is cooked. 

The Fusion can cook in rainy weather or at night due to its special  electric element encased around the Fusion Tray, which is semi-transparent, flexible and extremely thin with excellent dielectric strength. The heater has a  low thermal mass and excellent resistance to most chemicals, and allows high power densities (8w/cm2) with fast and efficient thermal transfer. This is the same kind of heater typically used in satellites and aerospace equipment.

Third, the Fusion is pound-per-pound the most powerful commercial cooker in existence when compared to box or parabolic cookers. It only weights 14 pounds yet easily feeds six. 

The types of foods you can cook are endless.

Don't believe us? Here are some of our favorite solar cooker recipes.

Carmelized Onion Frittata
Veggie Dog
Red Curry Beef
Chicken Pot Pie
Apple Strudel

So there you go -- all the reasons that the GoSun Fusion is the best solar oven of 2019.

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