Ukraine Donations

Ukraine Donations

GoSun Supports the People of Ukraine

GoSun has been sending out Sunflower seeds in its parcels so customers can plant them and grow Sunflowers, since the Sunflower is the National flower of Ukraine.


GoSun has now donated to several Ukrainian relief organizations including Global Empowerment Mission, Direct Relief, International Medical Corp, International Rescue Committee, and Unicef.

GoSun also sold a Chill at a discount and donated a second Chill to Back Pack 4 Kids . This organization used volunteer pilots with Ukraine Air Rescue to fly the portable electric coolers directly to Ukraine. The Gosun coolers are being used to transport time sensitive medicines to Ukraine to help children in need.


GoSun believes that we need to help all people move away from Oil, and to support people who want to live independent lives. The use and burning of oil not only is one of the major contributors to climate change, the profits are largely enjoyed by a small percentage of the world and often by regimes that do not share the values of independence.


GoSun has also been outsourcing various work such as graphic design work to refugees in Ukraine that have been displaced due to the war. Thanks for your support.

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