Things We Love: Nokero N233 Solar Lamp

Things We Love: Nokero N233 Solar Lamp

Incredible Power In A Tiny Package

Released this October, the Nokero 233 is the world’s most efficient solar lightWaterproof and built to take a beating, the 233 is the perfect companion for camping or emergency lighting and can run up to 15 hours from a single day’s charge, cranking out 25 lumens. Even better, for every light sold, Nokero will give an equal light to a family in need.  

Reasons We Love The Nokero 233:
  • It's Super Practical: We’ve used these lights for many events from state fairs to music festivals and they are always ready for the job. Just leave it in your car and it will always be charged.
  • Super Bright (25 Lumens): The 233 is powerful enough to light a room or illuminate a rough trail.
  • Battery Never Runs Out: Holding 15 hours worth of light on a day's charge, you'll always have light when you need it. 
  • Waterproof: Yeah... that's right!
  • (Nearly) Indestructible: After years of wear and tear in developing countries, Nokero knows how to make a product that lasts. 
  • The Technology Is Really, Really Cool: Its the most efficient light in the world. We think that's pretty darn cool.
  • And It's Changing The World: With more than 1.4 million lights sold, these lights are changing life for people around the world who rely kerosene as their main lighting source.

solar lights compliment solar cookers

Oh yes, did we mention that we're including a Free Nokero 233 in ever GoSun Sport Pro Pack sold through December

Serving a universal need with cutting edge green technology, it seemed like a natural fit to include the world’s most efficient solar light with the wolds most efficient solar stove. We hope you'd agree.

a free lamp with gosun sport solar cooker

To learn more about Nokero or the 233 Solar Light Bulb watch this video or visit



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