Why a Solar Cooler?

Why a Solar Cooler?

Hello, I’m Patrick Sherwin, CEO of GoSun and this post explains why you might be surprised to find GoSun creating cooling products, instead of solar cooking products.  

We have innovated and grown very organically; starting from our solid base and listening to what our customers want and need.  Last year’s launch of the hybrid solar and electric oven positioned us to launch a solar powered cooler and there’s several more breakthrough products in the pipeline.

Our mission is to make consumer solar products more accessible than ever before.

In just a few years we have emerged as the world’s leading brand in solar cooking and we are on our way into the backyards, campsites and village around the world.  A rocket ship of growth based on reliable, affordable fuel-free appliances.

Humans have been using fire for over 300,000 years and very little has changed.  40% of the world, sucking on toxic fumes, generally indoors, causing one of the leading reasons for preventible death worldwide.  There's also a massive safety risk, economic burden and environmental footprint of cutting our forests. 

Dirty cooking has to stop.

So, we built GoSun with a dual business model from day one.  We have solid consumer brand making incredible products in the recreation market. But we are also bringing this technology to those who could benefit most.  

Existing solar ovens have not caught on, despite many efforts.  They are slow bulky and dangerous. GoSun is much better, so we have dominated our niche and established our beachhead.  GoSun is the first solar company to receive a grant from the United Nation Foundation, through the Clean Cookstoves Alliance.

GoSun builds breakthrough solar ovens.

Just like Tesla reinvented our roadways with electric vehicles, GoSun is changing the outdoor kitchen without compromising ease of use or performance.  Thanks to our vacuum insulated oven, you can cook regardless of the weather.

I turned 40 last year and decided to cook exclusively on the GoSun for 40 Days of Sunshine, through Ohio winter.  And it worked!  I made meals through full cloud cover, while driving down the road and through snow and ice. 

Here’s our current product line-up, ranging from small, then GoSun Go, on up to a large family-scale, GoSun Grill.  The GoSun Fusion is our latest and greatest, a solar and electric hybrid oven, that cooks a meal for 5 in just 40 minutes with sunlight and can then plug into 12V to cook with a 150 watt electric element at night.  That’s unique because it only draws 1/10th to power of a toaster oven. 

GoSun solves what the market is seeking.

We operate across a few large markets, mainly with recreation where we serve the outdoor enthusiasts who bbq, camp, boat and RV.  Many people want to live a cleaner lifestyle, but the options are limited.  You may have seen the dynamic growth of solar charging devices, but there is not a clear leader in this space and many of the products are junk. 

Since our solar ovens are so much better, we’ve been able to address real life demands in the disaster relief and developing world.  Our deals with the American Red Cross are pushing us into more austere, off-grid applications as we continue to adapt and test our fuel-free solutions in the field. 

Our growth will continue on the Fuel-Free Frontier.

GoSun has had good sales growth over the past few years, but we have not hit the sweet spot.  We’ve moved over 30,000 units to over 60 countries worldwide and gained a good following of happy customers.  However, the solar cooking industry is very small and we are bursting at the seams with new products and ideas to tackle more problems that our customers face.  

The real exciting part is yet to come.  Now that we’ve captured an audience of early adopters and established a beach head with our breakthrough solar ovens, we are poised to jump across the chasm that many young companies fall in.  We are going to be much more than a solar stove brand.  GoSun is moving into much larger markets where our innovations will allow us to capture larger customer bases. 

This week we launched the GoSun Chill, a portable fridge that replaces your cooler, thus eliminating ice and all the melting mess.  A smart kitchen in more ways than one. You can get it with a solar table, where we’ve integrated a 60 Watt solar module into a folding table or a flexible solar panel, both to charge the integrated PowerBank which becomes the fuel canister or a 20 LB bag of ice.  The first day of the campaign raised over $160,000 on Indiegogo.  You can learn more about the benefits of an iceless cooler here.

We will soon be bringing forward an array of clean tech appliances that are the best use of solar, lithium, LED and electronic controls to be found.  All of our solutions remain portable, easy to use and affordable.  Together, GoSun’s products become an off-grid kitchen that is great fun while traveling and also a life saver in an event.  

GoSun is going to become the leading name in consumer solar and we would love to have you join us on the fuel-free frontier. 

For a brighter future,


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